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Nagaland potential must be realized: Guv

By EMN Updated: Sep 21, 2014 11:33 pm


GOVERNOR PB Acharya has observed that people are talking about “Greater Nagaland” encompassing Naga-inhabited contiguous areas in adjoining Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh but within Nagaland State itself, a section is also propounding a smaller political entity vis-à-vis Eastern Nagas.
In an informal chat with Eastern Mirror at the Raj Bhawan, the Governor said Nagaland is a border area State with much potential in almost every aspect. “And for the first time, the Government at the Centre is really thinking of the Northeast in general. More so because the “integrity of India is shaking”. Internationally, “no country wants India (with 60 % Aryans) to be strong,” Acharya said.
He reiterated that Nagaland needs empowerment through education. It is a “sorry and painful thing” that the State has produced only 70% of required teachers. Moreover, a number of these educated Naga youth appointed as teachers seem to lack integrity. There is dire need to upgrade the education sector and pay special attention especially in subjects concerning science and maths. These two subjects are facing an acute shortage of qualified teachers and cannot bode well for the State’s future.
“My agenda is that Nagaland can stand on its own,” added the Governor. However, first there has to be peace so that development and peace can go side by side. In this connection, the education, electricity, industries and road communication sectors must be strengthened. Gold has been discovered and waterfalls can be utilized for mini hydro projects which are all part of the rich resources with diverse culture endowed into the State. “For development can’t wait for 17 years. The average Naga wants solution, development and peace,” the Governor said.
Acharya was of the view that the younger generation should also be empowered with technical knowledge. “We can increase our economic wealth…but we have to overcome certain shortcomings….India is rich but Indians are poor. So also is the case with Nagaland….There is more concentration on black money. Rich people go outside the country to deal in it. So we don’t pay tax though we have money,” he stated.
Touching briefly on migration of labourers from outside the State, the Governor said “we should “take care” of them because they labour to make Nagaland beautiful.
So we should respect human beings which include bankers, rjckshawallahs and various service providers. It is how best we can convert effective in bringing peace among different groups (of professionals).”
In this connection, while citing the case of Mizoram, Acharya asserted that Nagaland is in a better position. “We should strike a deal with all classes and decide we can do it; we have the potential to do it. Social projects are a dime a dozen but the challenge is for Nagas to step forward and ask “what can I do, and just do it,” said the Governor.

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