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Nagaland Political Logjam: The role of BJP in the crisis

By EMN Updated: Feb 09, 2015 12:09 am

The recent political drama that unfolded in Nagaland and how the BJP in Nagaland played seems to have went against the BJP party at least in the state of Nagaland. The BJP is an ally of Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN), with four legislators in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.
The BJP Nagaland failed miserably to take advantage this golden opportunity to make the party grow stronger in terms of participation in the government as well as to make impact in the coming 2018 general election in the state.
Initially, the BJP party fooled both the NPF camps by breaking the houses but later failed to capitalized in their favour due to the indifferent attitude of the MLAs coupled with vested interest of few top officials whose main motive was to make extra bucks from the both the houses.
The present situation could have been different, had the party was managed by dedicated cadres. The story of present political logjam where all the 60 MLAs voted in favour of the government would have been different.
The indecisive stand of the BJP as a party displayed its immaturity and insincerity of the party workers who seems to be like a purchasable commodity. The BJP as a party has lost its self respect and the image of the party which otherwise was well known of its discipline party workers compared to any other political party in the state.
It seemed like that the present BJP party leaders are also divided among themselves, be it in the state team or national team. They seem to be more business oriented taking advantage of the chairs they sit in. Reportedly some officials are seen using brand new vehicles after this crisis or logjam started while their source of income and earning are limited. The frequent travel of the functionaries to state capital for various reasons known to them is questionable.
As an outsider, who observes these political developments very carefully and seriously, it seems like the BJP party in the state has been completely shattered in to business oriented party men. Cadres rushes to New Delhi conveying tall promises in order to please the Kohima and Dimapur NPF bosses without realizing that their bosses are making use of them.
Bad luck dawned upon the party and ultimately the betrayal game continues and it was the 8 Congress Legislators (in opposition) who finally intervened and stole the show and almost kicked out the BJP party from the political drama.
During the course of interacting one day with an insider, revealed that past record shows that all in-charges sent to the state from the centre are of the same story with similar interests, self interest are on priority forgetting the party intentions and their set of goals.
The end is not very far and it will be a sad ending story of the BJP Nagaland unless the BJP central leadership intervened and take corrective measures to rein in their party cadres. It is also imperative that the state BJP officials tightened their own cadres before the Nagas rise up against them.

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By EMN Updated: Feb 09, 2015 12:09:03 am