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Nagaland police’s financial ‘mishandling’ questioned, again

By EMN Updated: Oct 04, 2017 12:02 am

Dimapur, Oct. 3 (EMN): Cases of alleged financial frauds continue to trickle out of the state governments’ tightly-guarded cupboard thanks to the tireless efforts of groups like the Nagaland Public Rights Awareness and Action Forum (NPRAAF).
The latest target of the NPRAAF comes in the form of Nagaland police. “It is learnt that an amount of Rs 4.56 crore was released in September 2017 for deployment and withdrawal of the NAP personnel from New Delhi. However, even after releasing so much money in the name of deploying and withdrawing the jawans, it is quite unfortunate and surprising that the NAP personnel had to protest against improper/poor treatment for their journey as reported in some of the local dailies on September 23, 2017.
“Such protest shows a poor picture of the state as if required funds had not been provided for the purpose resulting in the jawans behaving in such a manner shaming Naga people in the nation’s capital. The incident raises strong questions on the transparent utilization of the funds released to the Police department,” read a statement from the forum on Tuesday.
According to the forum: “Another Rs. 4.23 crore (19 December 2016) and Rs 3.13 crore (24 January 2017) were released by the FD ‘for deployment of police personnel for Assembly Election duty in 5 states viz- Punjab, Manipur, Goa, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.’
“During the Assam bye-election last year too, the FD released Rs. 1.28 crore (3 November 2016) for deployment of police personnel. Another Rs. 4.34 crore (7 July 2016) was released for deployment of 13th IR Battalion to Purulia, West Bengal and withdrawal of 12th IR Battalion from Purulia, West Bengal. Further, Rs. 29 lakh (6 June 2016) was released for deployment of police personnel for Rathyatra Festival in Gujarat.
“Altogether, a total of Rs 17.85 crore was released for deployment and withdrawal of police personnel outside the state for various duties during two years. Even after releasing such huge amount, if the Nagaland Police Department cannot give proper treatment to its personnel performing duties outside the state, then it has to be answerable to the public on transparent utilization of the funds received.”
Rs. 7.73 crore for civic body elections
The Finance department released Rs 7.73 crore “for deployment of police personnel for municipal election in all districts of the state,” it also informed. “Since elections were not held at all, did the police department utilize all the (sic)amount released by the FD? If not, was the unutilized amount deposited back to the government treasury? The police department is urged to clarify on this issue regarding how much amount was utilized and how much amount is left since it is not possible to have used the entire amount when elections were not held at all.”
Rs. 50.83 lakh for bye-election
“The FD also released a total amount of Rs 50.83 lakh for deployment of police personnel during the bye-election to Northern Angami – 1 Constituency held on 29 July 2017. Out of the total amount, Rs. 15.79 lakh (16 August 2017) was released by the FD “for payment of TA/DA to the 10th IR Battalion and PHQ” while Rs 35. 04 lakh (25 July 2017) was released ‘for expenses to be incurred for bye election to NA-1 Constituency’, it informed.
“Did the IRB jawans get their due share of TA/DA? How much amount was each jawan given as their TA/DA? If Rs. 15.79 lakh was for payment of TA/DA, then for what kind of ‘expenses’ was the amount of Rs. 35.04 lakh released and utilized? Since there was no break-up details provided in the Drawal Authority for Rs. 35.04 lakh, the police department/FD is urged to clarify on this ‘expenses’ and quote the TA/DA amount given to each jawan,” the statement demanded.

By EMN Updated: Oct 04, 2017 12:02:56 am