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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Nagaland Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024: First pencak silat event culminates

By EMN Updated: Feb 16, 2024 11:45 pm
Nagaland Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024
Medal winners with others on Friday. (DPRO Dimapur)

DIMAPUR — The first pencak silat event held at the ongoing Nagaland Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 concluded at Immanuel Hall, Y. Zhimo Colony Dimapur, on Friday.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Advisor of Youth Resources and Sports, Keoshu Yimchunger, acknowledged the achievements of the Nagaland Pencak Silat Association (NPSA) and applauded the players for bringing  laurels to the State, said an update from DPRO Dimapur.

Encouraging the athletes to excel, he said the department under the leadership of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio is focussed on promoting sports in Nagaland and that sports sector is improving under the new sports policy.

H. Khehovi Yeptho, Chief Patron of Nagaland Pencak Silat Association and former legislator, lauded the authorities for supporting and showing interest in the development of sports in Nagaland, citing some achievements of NPSA like “the Guinness World Record in highest assisted martial arts kick of 14.5ft in the sets of India’s Got Talent” and winning 97 medals including 41 gold, 18 silver and 38 bronze in the north-east and national level.

He also said that pencak silat sport can help build personality and impart discipline, moral principles, ethics and skills in life.

A total of 72 participants from six district competed in the event.

Pencak silat artistic male event winners

1.            Creative solo winner- Kevin (Dimapur)

2.            Ganda winner- Jon, Kitelo.K.Thono (Tseminyu)

3.            Regu winner- Kevin, Altab Vddin Choudhary, Diprak Paswan (Dimapur)

4.            Tunggal winner- Kevin (Dimapur)

5.            Solo winner- Kevin (Dimapur)

Tanding male under 45 kg winner- Dipraj Baswan (Dimapur)

Tanding male under 45-50 kg winner, Aman (Dimapur)

Tanding male 50-55kg winner- Jon (Tseminyu)

Tanding male 55-60kg winner- Imnatoshi Longkumer (Chümoukedima)

Tanding male 60-65kg winner- Akhumse Thonger (KIPHERE)

Tanding male 65-70kg winner- Puloka.K.Achumi (Chümoukedima)

Tanding male 70-75kg winner- Tiayanger Imsong (Chümoukedima)

Tanding male 85-90kg winner- Kevin (Dimapur)

Tanding male 90-95kg winner- Kitenlo K Thono (Tseminyu)

Tanding male 95-110kg winner- Chituyio Kagisho (Tseminyu)

Pencak silat artistic female event winners

1.            Tunggal winner- Edwian Lhinghoithem Hanghal (Dimapur)

2.            Creative solo winner- Liike Kibami (Chümoukedima)

3.            Ganda winner- Hatneinem Khongsai, Liike Kibami (Chümoukedima)

4.            Regu winner- Hinokali, Liike Kibami, Hatneinem Khongsai (Chümoukedima)

Tanding Female below 45kg winner- Hinokali (Chümoukedima)

Tanding female 45-50 kg winner- Dausanliu Renita (Peren)

Tanding female 50-55kg winner- Edwina Lhinghoithem Hanghal (Dimapur)

Tanding female 55-60kg winner- Liike Kibami (Chümoukedima)

Tanding female 60-65kg winner- Marcy Singh (Dimapur)

Tanding female 65-70 kg winner- Avikali V Sheqi ( Dimapur)

By EMN Updated: Feb 16, 2024 11:45:40 pm
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