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Nagaland: NSCN (R) warns ousted kilonser

By EMN Updated: Sep 13, 2019 10:51 pm

Dimapur, Sep. 13 (EMN): NSCN (R) has directed its former ousted defence kilonser, Khekato Kinny, to desist from indulging in collecting tax through coercion in the name of the organisation and warned of punitive action as deemed fit in the event of continuing his illegal activities.

NSCN (R), in a statement through its MIP on Friday, stated that Kinny was terminated for his alleged involvement in the murder of Toishe Yeptho during an ‘extraordinary joint council meeting’ held on August 28. NSCN (R) issued a statement after observing that its former supervisor and defence kilonser was still indulging in collecting taxes in the name of NSCN (R).

NSCN (R) warned the disgraced former kilonser to immediately refrain from such ignominious actions and not to take the patience of NSCN for granted, saying it would not remain a mute spectator but initiate punitive action(s) as deemed fit.

Meanwhile, NSCN (R) directed its joint secretary Noghuka Kinnimi, leacy Ikishe, and major Asheto to immediately report within seven days from the publication of this notice. It warned that failing to comply with the directive would compel the organisation to initiate stringent penalties upon the defiant cadres.

NSCN (R) further informed all concerned that Khekato does not represent the NSCN (R) in any manner and warned that anyone conniving and cooperating with him in any of NSCN(R)’s affairs or paying him (or any of his cronies) any form of taxes would be doing so at their own Risk. NSCN (R) further reiterated that it would go to any extent to keep its image intact and is ready to confront attempts by any individual trying to defame or taint the its good image.

By EMN Updated: Sep 13, 2019 10:51:29 pm