Monday, August 08, 2022

Nagaland: NGRCI-1CU supports removal of illegal check gates

By EMN Updated: Jun 10, 2022 10:26 pm

Dimapur, June 10 (EMN): Nagaland Government Registered Class-1 Contractors’ Union (NGRCI-1CU) has appreciated the state government for its political will and wisdom in removing all police check gates within the state and extended its unflinching support towards implementation of the decision.

Observing that prices of essential commodities have come down drastically within days of removing the check gates, the union has attributed the existing price rise to collection of illegal taxes.

“This may be a small step towards our collective fight against all forms of corruption in our state but it surely has unburdened the common Naga enormously. All sections of society stand to gain a great deal from this but it is the business community that will be impacted positively the most,” the union president, Theyikoulie Tachü, and the general secretary, E Zuchamo Jami, stated.

The union opined that it would contribute significantly to the frail economy adding that in the process the common man would not have to pay artificially inflated prices for commodities.

While acknowledging the efforts of the state government towards its promise for good governance, the union expected more such citizen-friendly initiatives in the future.

In this regard, the union appealed to all citizens and civil society organisations to support and enable the stakeholders for effective implementation of the decision. It added that lack of support towards the government on the issue would not only embolden but also enable the profiteers to slowly re-establish the illegal system.

NGRCI-1CU has affirmed to support the removal of check gates and strongly reject any form of modification, except strengthening of the government order. The union further appealed to the state government to uphold its resolve and not bog down to pressure from any group or organisation.

By EMN Updated: Jun 10, 2022 10:26:15 pm