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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Nagaland Must be Free From Liquor

By EMN Updated: Apr 03, 2024 10:56 pm

Nagaland is a Christian state by name and even declared to be “Nagaland For Christ”. Since it is declared for Christ, we innocently thought and hoped that every Naga society, NGO, the Government, office, village, individual, etc. is for Christ and ought to be Christianised. On the other hand, Christ is always for each and every one of the Nagas. As such Christ is the head of the state, the Govt., all offices, all NGOs, all villages, the families and individuals. If Christ is not the head, “Where are You”? (Gen 3:9). Where are We?

The state Govt. of Nagaland has passed the total liquor Prohibition Act, 1989 and it was well enforced during a few initial years, but, gradually, it became a loose law without strict enforcement. Now, some of the unscrupulous Christians including some legislators, NGO leaders, officers, etc. have started criticise the said liquor prohibition law and they even have the opinion to repeal the liquor prohibition act on 3 main reasons:-

1) At present, the liquors available in Nagaland are all imported through black market from the neighbouring states and sold at very high price to the local consumers. And all such imported liquors are adulterated with spirit/chemical. Hence, such adulterated liquors are not good for human health. Therefore, the liquor consumers suggest that the genuine liquors must be made available from the permitted dealers in open market without prohibition for the health of local consumers in the state.

2) Some of the public leaders said that the Govt. cannot earn any revenue since the import of liquor is made as a prohibitory item and since it is an item of black market. Therefore, the state has not earned any revenue.

3) Again, the public leaders even said that the NLTP Act, 1989 is a “Law of obsolete”. Hence, instead of keeping an obsolete law, it is better repealed than unenforced, since no authority is serious to enforce the law.

Some of the Legislators and other public leaders of our Naga Christians do not have the positive mind on the Prohibtion law and are even never concerned particularly for the church as well as the Christian society in general. So, the reply is given here below:-

a) Wine/alcohol maybe adulterated or not adulterated, but it is really not good for human health as the consumers are well aware. Therefore, do not drink wine/alcohol anymore any further, since it is not good for your health.

b) For earning state revenue through licensing and other taxes, the moral of Naga Christian society cannot be victimised in any case. On the other hand, the concerned authority should strictly punish the sellers/black market dealers of liquor without any excuse.

c) The NLTP Act, 1989 is not an obsolete law, but the liquor consumers themselves become obsolete and they weakened the law by themselves. All the good citizens have positive mind and positive attitude to strengthen the prohibition laws for the welfare of the society, whereas the others concerned for self benefit and enjoyment only, so whoever sold and consumed liquor are none else, but, our Naga Christian brothers and sisters who are the said offenders of the liquor prohibition law among the society.

Why is the total liquor prohibition law required in a Christian Society?

Liquor is the root of all evils as everybody is well aware. On the other hand, 

Nagas are the chosen people of God and he loves Nagas more than the other people. Hence, we are ought to uphold the word of God as a responsible Christian,   and should not think for lifting/repeal of the liquor prohibition law.   

In the Bible (the word of God), we have seen so many bad effects of drinking   liquor. Therefore, if anybody will intentionally and knowingly support the sellers and consumers of liquor/wine for their own self-satisfaction, it is knowingly against the word of God. Hence, some of the bible references are given here below:-




The word of God is so serious and whoever committed guilty of the offence under any Bible verse may displease the Almighty God. And whoever has become a drunkard cannot inherit the kingdom of God besides facing either of the adverse effects. Therefore, it is to sincerely request the Legislators, Govt. Officers, and other Public leaders to consider for the good moral life of our Naga youth and children, peaceful family life, peaceful social environment and at least for the sake of God our creator and efforts of the churches. May God bless every right thinking person.

Murohu Chotso

(Retired NCS)

By EMN Updated: Apr 03, 2024 10:56:07 pm
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