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Nagaland-made machines roll out in glory at festival

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 03, 2018 11:28 pm
The ‘Fodderizer’

Kohima, Dec. 3: The age of Ngaaland-made machines and industry production tools are here. The Nagaland Tool Room and Training Centre of the department of Industries and Commerce is currently displaying various machines that are exclusively manufactured by the centre.

There are currently seven products that are being displayed outside the Bamboo Pavilion at symbolic Naga village Kisama, in Kohima. The machinery include smoke-free meat dryer, banana fibre extraction machine (already reported in a previous edition), paper pulp masher, solar dryer, plastic bottle crusher; a ‘corn sheller’ and a ‘fodderizer.’ It was informed that the machines are being displayed at the Hornbill festival for the first time. The centre and outlet for the machines is located at the new Industrial Estate, at the sub-jail junction in Dimapur.

Smoke-free meat dryer

Among all the items on display, the smoke-free meat dryer is that one thing that is keeping visitors stunned. It is a device used for smokeless drying and roasting of meat, fish, maize etc., and can be used for cooking and warming too.

The hollow device contains an elevated hearth where firewood and coal are inserted; the lower portion collects the ash. It has an opening on both sides from the middle where food can be kept or hung. The heat is transferred through the chimney while the smoke is ventilated from behind, making the food smoke free.

On the top side of the device, there is a circular opening through which heat is ventilated. Utensils can be placed on top of it for cooking and warming purposes. The machine weights 22-25 kg and has an output capacity of 5-8 kg for 30-45 minutes of use for a kilo of firewood.

Presenters Punawati Jamir and Meyakolhou Krose said the machine costs INR 10, 000 per unit. More than 20 units have been sold, and they were positive that more will be sold during the festival.

Paper pulp masher

Paper pulp masher is an INR 20,000 device used to mash paper pulp. Recycled paper and solid residue from the banana fibre extraction machine are put together and mixed with water. A turbine mashes the materials into pulps.

The pulp inside is then strained with a rectangular net. The collected material is then soaked in the sun until it dries to form paper. The papers can be used to make bags, some of which are also on display at the stall.

Solar dryer

It is an L-shaped device which is largest of the machines there. It is currently a prototype and experimental. The presenters assured that the product will be completed by January. It costs INR 30, 000.

The prototype has a long ramp painted in black to absorb sunlight quicker. Three fans blow hot air towards a hollow column where fruits and vegetables are kept for drying. The fans are powered by a battery charged by two solar panels – one placed at the bottom ramp and the other on the top.

Plastic bottle crusher

This device is used to crush plastic bottles into a reduced rectangular box. It helps reduce waste volume. Meaning, fewer waste bins and lower collection costs. The device costs INR 25, 000.

‘Corn sheller’

The ‘corn sheller’ machine is a device that peels corn. It has an inlet where corns are inserted; an outlet for kernel and another outlet for the cob. With an output capacity of 400-500 corns an hour, this machine is powered by a 0.5 hp motor. It costs INR 25, 000.


For those people who domesticate farm livestock such as pigs, cows, hen, etc., the ‘fodderizer’ is the answer. It cuts, grinds, and pulverizes plants into fine pieces. The machine runs on 1hp and makes a 1400 rotation per minute. The blades are made of high carbon steel and the drum is made of galvanised iron. It is easy to operate. It costs INR 25, 000. The presenters informed that over 150 units have been sold so far. They are expecting more to be sold during the festival.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 03, 2018 11:28:14 pm
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