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Nagaland: Learn how to master social media platforms, Sakhrie advises students

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Aug 27, 2022 10:48 pm
Learn how to master social media platforms Sakhrie tells students
Megosano Sakhrie along with KBSUK executive members during the 12th general session-cum-fresher’s meet in Kohima on Saturday. (EM images)

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Kohima, Aug. 27 (EMN): While social media has become an integral part of human life, one should know their way through it and learn how to master the platform instead of allowing it to control them, said Megosano Sakhrie, secretariat assistant of Nagaland Civil Secretariat. 

She was addressing students at the 12th general session and fresher’s meet of Khulazu Basa Students’ Union Kohima (KBSUK) at the Red Cross Building conference hall on Saturday on the theme ‘Alternative knowledge for creative solutions.’

With everything becoming visually fed due to science and information technology, she observed that the attention span of a person has become shorter.

“There is also a danger of having only a one-sided focus with no balanced perspective, which she pointed out is a danger for artificial intelligence.

However, she was quick to add that she was not against social media and encouraged youngsters to remember to update the indigenous presence on social media platforms to keep the culture alive and going.

“One should be able to think and reading can definitely help a person think. Further, it is also a good exercise for a person to focus and concentrate and encourage them to start reading something they like,” she said.

Sakhrie further advised students not to waste time waiting for the right age to come by once they set their minds on goals to achieve. But instead, start building the foundation from now onwards.

Sharing her father’s invaluable lesson she quoted, “I don’t know is the beginning of knowledge.” Nowadays people are “too conscious to admit we don’t know. But unless we admit it, the next step will not come. You will forever live in ignorance,” she said adding that one should not laugh at others when they make a mistake but correct it in a good way.

She advised the students to learn how to tame one’s mind, push their limits and come out of their comfort zone.

“If one really wants to achieve something, there should be no excuse. Set goals, read more and hone skills,” she said.

As a child who grew up not being able to speak her own dialect, she advocated learning one’s own dialect from the foundational level instead of other languages. While stating there was nothing wrong with getting influenced by other cultures, living like them is not right, she cautioned students from emulating their lifestyles and living a life of a floating culture.

The village education council chairman of Khulazu Basa, Zhovehu Kezo, urged the students to put all efforts and hard work in order to achieve their desired goals.

Other highlights of the programme included felicitating of HSLC, HSSLC, and degree subject distinction holders.

The president of KBSUK, Verakho Rhakho, delivered the presidential address, while Chorolu Rhakho spoke on behalf of the freshers. Nutsolu Kezo and Khruzovolu Kezo presented folk tunes and Vetsulu Keyho performed dance.

A total of 20 freshers attended the programme.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Aug 27, 2022 10:48:25 pm
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