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Nagaland issues fresh protocols for institutional quarantine centres

By EMN Updated: May 26, 2020 5:50 pm

Kohima, May 26 (EMN): The government of Nagaland’s Covid-19 War Room has issued a notification containing protocols to be followed at quarantine centres. It has directed all returnees to the state after May 18, irrespective of place of origin, to mandatorily undergo self-isolation for 14 days in designated institutional quarantine centres.

The government issued the update through an infographic that contains rules for institutional quarantine in view of several coronavirus cases being reported in the state after the arrival of stranded persons. The returnees are currently undergoing quarantine in various centres.

According to institutional quarantine guidelines, strict physical distancing of at least one metre must be maintained, and everyone in the facility should be treated as potentially infected with the virus. “Even if you are staying in a dormitory, strict physical distancing has to be enforced at all times,” it read. Grouping or socialising is strictly prohibited within the quarantine facility.

It informed that a person under institutional quarantine can be put in a single room, double room or dormitory depending on feasibility and availability. Changing of room or location is also not allowed unless asked to do so by the medical team.

People undergoing quarantine have been asked to report their symptoms in the nCovid-19 Nagaland app twice a day and report immediately to the medical team if they have any symptoms like fever, cough, cold, difficulty in breathing, diarrhoea etc.

The inmates should maintain hand hygiene by washing hands frequently with soap or use hand sanitiser when hand washing is not possible. They also should wear either handmade masks or medical masks at all times.

‘Persons above 60 years, children below 10 years and parents, pregnant women and accompanying spouse, and patients requiring special care shall be thoroughly screened and sent for home quarantine for 28 days on advice of the medical team,’ the advisory stated.

By EMN Updated: May 26, 2020 5:50:45 pm