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Nagaland honours older persons with awards

By EM Bureau Updated: Oct 01, 2021 10:22 pm
Sarah R Ritse, Tosheli Zhimomi, Khekiye K Sema, Khinyi Woch, children of Tozheli Zhimomi and officials on Friday in Kohima. (EM Images)

EM Bureau
Dimapur, Oct. 1 (EMN): Social Welfare department honoured older persons with awards across Nagaland on the occasion of the ‘International Day of Older Person,’ which was observed on the theme “Digital equity for all ages” on October 1.

Kohima: The department of Social Welfare organised a programme to honour older persons on the occasion of ‘International Day of Older Persons.’

Delivering the keynote address, Tosheli Zhimomi, OSD of Social Welfare department, said every year October 1 is celebrated as International Day of Older Persons with an objective to spread awareness about the need of health and social care for senior citizens.

Also speaking on the occasion, Khekiye K Sema, president of Senior Citizens’ Association Nagaland, stated that unlike the developed countries where elderly parents are left in the welfare homes, Nagas are more responsible in taking care of the older people according to the traditional and cultural structure.

However, he underscored the need to cater more to the senior citizens in terms of health, financial aid and providing them subsidies for travelling in public transportation, getting treatment, separate opening lounges in the banks to quickly tend to their needs etc.

“Old age is an evolution of a child growing into adulthood and slowly becoming a helpless child one more time,” he said, adding “It is heartbreaking to see someone who can no longer help himself/ herself”.

Sema, informed that they have requested the state chief minister for the government to issue notification in various sectors to look into the welfare and the needs of senior citizens. He pointed out that the government has not issued any instruction unlike in other parts of the country where senior citizens are provided 50% subsidy for travelling or medical treatment.

He wished that each of the departments, which directly deal with elderly people, were more conscious so that senior citizens could avail those facilities that are being enjoyed by the rest of the country. He also suggested that identity cards could be issued to the senior citizens for availing those facilities that are due to them even in small areas.

He also informed that the Health department has not focused on the senior citizens with certain aid like 50% subsidies which are not being given to the elderly.

Noticing how elderly women and men are often seen standing at the banks standing in long queues for hours even just for little problems to get attended to, Sema urged to give a thought for the elder persons on such issues.

Extending her greetings to the senior citizens across the state on the occasion, Sarah R Ritse, commissioner and secretary of Social Welfare department, said “our parents don’t need wealth but our love and care”. She added that Social Welfare, being the nodal department for the senior citizens, has lots of responsibilities for which they were trying their best to “reach their targets.”

Also, mentioning shortage of funds despite of their many programmes and plans, the officer sought for collective efforts from the departments as well as from every citizen to tend to the needs of the disabilities.

Two senior citizens namely Tozheli Zhimomi, an 82 years old mother hailing from Zunheboto, and Khinyi Woch, 62 years old family man from Tseminyu sub-division in Kohima district, were conferred the state-level awards in recognition of their distinguished service rendered to the society.

Kitto Zhimomi, one of the children of Tozheli Zhimomi, received the award on behalf of his mother who could not turn up at the event owing to various reasons.

Mon: In Mon, the programme was observed at DRDA hall in Mon town with SDO (C) Mon, Illika Zhimomi, as the special guest.

Speaking at the programme, Illika stressed on the importance of older persons or senior citizens in the society and encouraged them to think positively and lead a purposeful healthy life. She termed as ‘treasures of history’ to be passed on to the next generation.

With their immense experience and wisdom, she urged them to continue to advice and guide the younger generations and live out with pride in the society.

On the occasion, DWO of Mon, Y Tauhong Ngonyen, felicitate two distinguished senior citizens namely Lyu-Ao Konyak and T Phamtong Konyak, while the CDPO of Mon, Renchano Odyuo, also felicitated two retired caretakers (chowkidar) from the department namely Thongwang and Hongpheang.

In a keynote address, the CDPO of Phomching, Laitak, stated that the aim of observing the day was to spread awareness about the issues affecting the elderly.

He added that ‘Digital equity for all’ affirmed the need for access and meaningful participation in the digital world by older persons. He was of the view that empowering older persons would enhance their ability to live independently.

Peren: In Peren two senior citizens namely Hellam Kuki from Ahthibung town and Lhingjahat Mangjel from Songlhuh village were felicitated with certificates and cash in recognition of their great contributions to the society during a programme held in the conference hall of the deputy commissioner’s office.

Speaking at the programme, the deputy commissioner of Peren, Sentiwapang Aier, encouraged the gathering to set an exemplary lifestyle of healthy living to live a long life. He also appreciated the two older persons for their contributions to the society and asked them to continue the same.

According to the district welfare officer, Asangla Jamir, Hellam Kuki was a retired government teacher and former GB of Ahthibung town. During his tenure as teacher, Hellam Kuki had also received the best teacher award in the sub-division and known for his honesty, kindness and sincerity.

Asangla also highlighted some of the achievements and contributions of Lhingjahat Mangjel towards the church and village. She added that Lhingjahat Mangjel attended a night school in order to work for the betterment of the women in the society.

Asangla added that Lhingjahat Mangjel was blessed with curing eyes naturally without any formal learning and the villagers affectionately called her ‘eye doctor.’

Longleng: The International Day of Older Persons in Longleng was observed at Longleng Town Baptist Church with the presence of CMO Longleng, Dr. Obangjungla as the special invitee.

Speaking at the programme, CDPO of Longleng, T Longlang Luckpan, spoke on the significance of the day and stressed on various schemes provided by the government for the benefit of the senior citizens in the district. He also explained on procedures and guidelines to avail the facilities particularly with respect to IGNOAPS.

On the occasion, LDLSA retainer lawyer advocate, A Mane Phom, sensitised the gathering on “Old age pensions scheme” under Social Welfare department and “Maintenance of senior citizen act,” while LDLSA panel lawyer, Panglang Y Phom, identified the beneficiaries and assisted them to avail the IGNOAPS .

On the occasion, Dr. Obangjungla gave away awards to two distinguished senior citizens of the district namely L Phumla Phom of Pongo village and N Metpong Phom of Bhumnyu village in recognition of their valuable service rendered to the society.

Altogether, 195 senior citizens of the district attended the programme.

Dimapur: Department of Social Welfare observed the ‘International Day of Older Persons’ in the office of the District Welfare Officer (DWO), Dimapur.

An update from the department stated that two senior citizens namely Arenla Imo from Ungma village and resident at Diphupar ‘A’ and Rev. L Luvito Chishi from Lotisami village and resident at Niuland were felicitated on the occasion for their remarkable and selfless services to mankind.

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