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Sunday, February 05, 2023

Nagaland Gaon Bura Federation urges Modi to expedite Naga solution

By EMN Updated: Jul 28, 2021 12:19 am

Dimapur, July 27 (EMN): The Nagaland Gaon Bura Federation (NGBF) has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to sign an honourable and acceptable political agreement, saying that “the ground is all set to welcome the agreement and to begin a new enduring peaceful co-existence between Nagas and Indians”.

In a letter addressed to the PM, the federation stated that the signing of the final agreement on the protracted Naga political issue could have been delayed by the pandemic and the assembly elections held in various states, especially Assam but it know believed that the matter is awaiting the final nod from his office.

Maintaining that assembly election is scheduled to be held in Manipur and few other states in the first quarter of next year, the NGBF stated that it would be ideal to give “finishing touches to Indo-Naga political solution”.

“Although it is an inherent right of Nagas to live together under one administrative roof, we are made to understand that integration of Naga areas would be pursued through democratic political process post agreement. This is a practical step and upon which the next step, a logical conclusion must be found,” read the letter.

“There is no separation of Naga territories from Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, the sovereign powers being shared between the Union and the respective states being the contemporary reality, in order to facilitate smooth transition of powers to the newly envisaged Territorial Councils, the agreement has to be tripartite between the leaders of the Naga Political Groups from the respective states, giving concrete shape to the negotiated matters,” it added.

The federation also expressed confidence that all necessary groundwork and roadmap for smooth transition to absolute peace is prepared.

“We at the grassroots level are committed to end gun culture in Nagaland through acceptable and honourable political solution. We assure your esteemed office that the NGBF will remain a pivotal stakeholder in ensuring that customary laws and traditions will guide our citizens in matters of social, political and historical subjects and conducts thereof,” read the letter.

The NGBF wrote that the NLA members had formed a Core Committee on Naga Political Issue and had interacted with WC, NNPGs as well as NSCN (IM). It added that the NPF too has strengthened the PDA government by endorsing an opposition-less government in Nagaland with an aim to expedite the Naga political solution.

By EMN Updated: Jul 28, 2021 12:19:55 am