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Nagaland: Comprehensive political settlement soon — NNPGs working committee

By EMN Updated: Sep 16, 2019 10:20 pm

Dimapur, Sep. 16 (EMN): The working committee (WC) of NNPGs has asserted that time has come for the Naga people to ‘reciprocate equally’ to what it stated was the government of India’s demonstration of political will and commitment to solve the Naga issue this time around.

In a statement issued on Monday, the committee expressed confidence that a comprehensive political settlement will be announced soon.

It also informed that the committee had met with representatives from the 14 ‘aboriginal tribes of Nagaland’ at Niathu Resort on September 15, at the invitation of the 14 tribes’ leaders.

“The WC, NNPG acknowledge the pragmatic approach proposed by the 14 Naga tribes. The practical and positive progress of the negotiations, which will safeguard and protect the distinct identity of the Naga people and land beyond the present state of Nagaland, was briefed to the tribal leaders present.

“The 14 tribes encouraged WC, NNPGs to strive for peace and unity since violence and bloodshed has taken enough Naga lives. The tribes strongly urged that crucial and substantive issues that have been painstakingly negotiated and agreed upon between government of India and Naga negotiators be put into agreement at the earliest,” read the statement.

Naga generations are at peril and face uncertain future and therefore negotiations must reach a practical, pragmatic and logical conclusion, according to the committee.

“The 14 tribes opined that what is possible at this hour, which is honourable and acceptable, Nagas must take. Symbolic issues that remain unresolved be pursued through continuous, consistent democratic and political process. The aspiration of the Naga people must be fully met in due course of time,” it added.

By EMN Updated: Sep 16, 2019 10:20:41 pm