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Nagaland BJP ridicules Congress

By EMN Updated: Nov 04, 2014 12:22 am


The Nagaland State unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said it appreciated the concern expressed by the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) on the state of affairs in Nagaland but said “the NPCC should have voiced their concern much earlier being the principal opposition party in the state.
The BJP in a press release issued by its media cell today said the NPCC should have woken up earlier on the ‘mis-governance and misrule’ of the NPF led government instead of pointing out and telling others of DOs and DON’Ts. “The NPCC should throw away the habit of poking their nose in another’s affairs and instead play a constructive role in bringing more development in the state,” the BJP advised.
The BJP then pointed out that NPCC president S.I Jamir interfered into another party’s affair and wrote a letter to the NLA Speaker for the disqualification of the three BJP MLAs by which he has made mockery of the Congress, ‘the so called the grand old party’. “What is the purpose of meddling with the affairs of the DAN alliance partners?,” the BJP asked. The BJP state unit also said that the party is very much pro active and knows what is going on in the house and will take appropriate measures even with the coalition partners in time for the progress and over all development in the state of Nagaland and asked the NPCC to stop the nonsense comments on another party’s affairs.
On the alleged financial misappropriation committed by the NPF government in the state, the BJP asked the NPCC to prove to the people of the state of what action they have initiated even after fully knowing that the NPF government was misusing the state funds in various forms. Further, the BJP pointed out that the NPCC should have voiced much stronger to stop the crime as the Congress was at the helm (at the Centre) instead of regretting at the lost opportunities now. The BJP also pointed out that they (NPCC) should have struck the iron when it was hot, “like the BJP state unit did”.
On the Naga political issue, the BJP state unit asked the NPCC to clarify on how much the talk progressed during the last 10 years rule of the Congress at the Centre instead of expecting the newly formed Modi government to perform a ‘magic’ on the issue. The BJP also ridiculed the NPCC president‘s statement which stated thus, “If the present trend continued and culminated into any solution without taking the confidence of the people the BJP government would be held responsible.” The BJP said this statement was really ‘pathetic and condemnable as the Congress has literally failed’ during their rule to bring about any solution or offered any solution on the Naga political issue.
The BJP state unit then said that the ‘dynamic’ Modi led NDA government at the Centre is very much geared up to the development and progress of the nation since it came to power. It further said the incident of riot that happened in Delhi has nothing to do with the BJP and that dragging the Prime Minister into this incident was really unfortunate. “It exposes the political immaturity of the NPCC president and the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee as a whole,” the BJP, Nagaland state unit added.

By EMN Updated: Nov 04, 2014 12:22:23 am