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Nagaland BJP responds to Congress

By EMN Updated: Dec 29, 2014 11:26 pm

Of late, a lot of controversies have been racked up by the opposition both within and outside the parliament, on secularism particularly on conversion issue and declaration of December 25 as working day.
It was unfortunate that the name of Shri. AB Vajpayee who has been acclaimed as one of the finest prime minister of India and just nominated for Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award of the country and whose name should have been above controversy has been unnecessarily dragged into the controversy. On Ghar Wapsi issue, the prime minister had personally intervened wherever situation had demanded. Nothing has been decided at the governmental level on issues allegedly threatening secularism. Whatever was expressed in personal capacity could not be construed as government’s policy and decision. In theocratic states like Pakistan or Bangladesh, religion is inseparable from state. Religion I fact dictates the government’s decisions. In communist country like china, religion has no role in government decision making. In secular state like India, no government decision has been influenced by religious sentiment of any religious group. Therefore, raising conversion issue in the name of secular by the opposition parties for vote bank politics was unfortunate.
Religion is between God and an individual. Conversion from one religion to another is personal choice. There are mechanisms in the law to tackle conversions; either by force or inducement. State governments have full power to act on any excesses reported. NDA government’s stand on anti-conversion law is t tackle such problems. The opposition parties have not made their stands clear on this issue. They should come out clean on the issue, Else, their shouts should be taken as pure political gimmicks. It was unfair to blame the NDA government randomly.
On KV Pusa asking the BJP Nagaland state unit to come out with its stand on secularism, BJP Nagaland will state that it has no power t answer such constitutional question which the parliament alone can decide. It was also beyond his reach to put such question. In a Christian majority state like Nagaland, where there is complete freedom in practicing our own faith, one should not meddle in national issues that are beyond our control. If he has any genuine concern on the issue, he should take it up with MPs of his Congress party or Nagaland MPs.
It was ridiculous for him to say that BJP Nagaland would be held responsible for wrongdoings of someone else in the country. If he knows that our Christian brethrens are facing challenging times elsewhere, he should refrain from casting aspersion so as not to make their lives more difficult. One should not misuse freedom of speech and expression to create unnecessary communal tensions.
BJP Nagaland condemns all those elements creating problems for Christians in some parts of the country. Our empathy and prayers are with our Christian brethrens anywhere in the country. BJP Nagaland assures the people of Nagaland that we will adequately respond to the situations and take up with the central leaders in whatever way we can.
BJP Nagaland’s agenda is for development of the state. We will not be tempted by narrow politics to offset development agenda.

Dr. M Chuba
State president
BJP Nagaland

Ao Imsu Yaden
State Secretary
BJP Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Dec 29, 2014 11:26:22 pm