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Naga youth can create vibrant society: Dr Benjong Aier

By EMN Updated: Nov 15, 2013 12:17 am

Dimapur, November 14

Japukong Youth Organization (JYO) observed its first foundation day on Tuesday at Longchem in Mokokchung district with parliamentary secretary for Agriculture, Dr N Benjong Aier as the chief guest and K Temjen Jamir, Editor, Tir Yimyim as the main speaker.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Aier encouraged the youth to get involved themselves in shaping their future conducive to peaceful and prosperous society. “Naga youth are capable and vibrant to create a better society free from unemployment and economic problems, so they must participate in politics and socio-economic development,” he said.
It may be noted that Dr Benjong Aier represents the 20th Alongtaki A/C in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.
Stating that the proposed foothill road will be reality soon, the parliamentary secretary exhorted the youth of Nagaland and Japukong in particular to be prepared themselves to fully participate in the process of urbanization and economic development along the foothill road. He also assured all the possible help and guidance to the youth who are committed themselves to work and make the land a producing state.
He also advised the youth to take in entrepreneurship and industrialization process since the chance of employment in government service is being exhausted.
Speaking on the conference topic, ‘Valiant Youth’, the Tir Yimyim editor defined that a valiant youth must be the one, who could identify the opportunities and obstacles in and around and differentiate between good and evil.
“Our land is land of opportunities and resourceful, however we remained ourselves unemployed and frustrated because we are not even trying to identify the opportunities that surround us and neither willing to work with the resources available with us. These are the problems and obstacles for us that retard us to grow and exhibit ourselves as a real youth of valiant,” he said.
He also suggested that a youth must look forward to develop farming and industrial culture with sense of enthusiasm and belongingness. Whatever we do, one must have his own interest in the job he does and provide personal touch and leadership for gainful production, he added.
Earlier, the president of Japukong Senso Senden and Bendangtoshi, Assistant General Manager, NST, Dimapur exhorted the youth in the conference and Er Lanu, advisor, JYO pronounced vote of thanks.
A DVD Music album produced by Sashi, Temsü and Tsüpong was also released by the chief guest during the conference. The music album was sponsored by Er Lanu to promote the talent of the youth.

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