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Naga tribal bodies meet with Naga political groups

By EMN Updated: Sep 20, 2019 12:11 am

Dimapur, Sep. 19 (EMN): Organisations representing 14 Naga tribes are said to have had a ‘consultative meeting’ with the NSCN (IM) and seven other groups ‘to discuss the protracted Indo-Naga political solution.’

A press release ‘issued in the interest of public by the leadership of 14 tribes of Nagaland’ that was received here on Thursday called for unity.

“In a historic effort, the 14 Naga tribes held a consultative meeting with NSCN (IM) at camp Hebron on 14th September and at Niathu Resort on 15th September with the WC of 7 NNPGs to discuss on the protracted Indo-Naga political solution,” the press release stated.

As was resolved on August 31 at Hotel Acacia, the 14 tribes met with the various Naga ‘political groups’ with the objective to “convey that all Nagas are united and extend fullest support to both the groups who are engaged in peace talks with the govt. of India as it was the desire of all Nagas in all Naga inhabited areas for unity leaving aside personal differences or gains for a single accord with the GoI paving way for a permanent peace in the region.”

There is a desire by the Naga people in all Naga-inhabited areas for peace in the region that will promote and enable an environment for socio-economic growth, sustainable economy and infrastructural development facilitating and opening up opportunities to meet the aspirations of the future younger generation, the press release reminded.

The 14 tribes appreciated the ‘progress in the peace talks’ and contributions of the “Naga national workers,” the communities stated.

The statement gave a call to every Naga to be united and to focus on the core issues of the Naga talks ‘for an early solution leaving aside all personal differences.’

The Naga people have shed enough blood in the past leaving many widows and orphans, it stated.

‘Hence our soil cannot be used again for arm conflict, bloodshed and build cemeteries but actual development benefiting all Nagas is the need of the hour. It shall continue to extend its fullest co-operation for an early peaceful, acceptable and lasting solution to the Naga political issue,’ the press release added.


By EMN Updated: Sep 20, 2019 12:11:33 am