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Naga students from Myanmar hooked to drugs

By EMN Updated: Jun 27, 2019 1:04 am
Members of Makury Tribal Council (MTC) with Naga youth leaders in Myanmar.

Dimapur, June 26 (EMN)
: Naga youths in Myanmar, including those in schools who once did not know what drug addiction was, are now battling addiction as drugs can be bought cheaply. The drugs can be bought with a few Kyats, the country’s currency, a community organisation from the Naga areas there stated.

The Makury Tribal Council (MTC) issued on Wednesday a note to the media denouncing “drugs smugglers and addicts.” The council is stated to be from new Thamanti of Homalin township in upper Sagaing of Myanmar.

According to the input, the council conducted its 48th ‘half yearly meeting,’ during which the MTC took strong note of “heroine / drugs smugglers” in the area.

‘Many Naga youths who have hardly heard about drug addiction have now themselves become victims to it. MTC is suspicious about the situation because drugs could be bought with few Kyats when Myanmar currency has no much value in comparison to rupees. This fact has enabled for school going kids to use,’ read a statement from the council.

Cases of theft are “increasingly popular” in the locality now, the council stated. To control the situation, the MTC said to have assigned the Makury Naga Youth Federation to collaborate with police and authorities in concern.

The council has appealed to every “ideal citizen” to pay more attention and to support individuals or organizations that work against anti social activities.

The MTC expressed worry about “failing to cooperate from the concerned authorities,” which it stated may further confuse the public “if they support such activities and encourage corruption.”

By EMN Updated: Jun 27, 2019 1:04:02 am