Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Naga People Must Firmly Stand Together

By EMN Updated: May 15, 2020 9:02 pm

Dear Naga people,
I am thankful to our Living God Jesus Christ for the Naga National Plebiscite Da which could once again be celebrated on this 16th May 2020 amidst the pandemic prevailing in the world. Thank you Lord for this democratic right of Naga National Day conducted by our leaders and people on 16th May 1951.

On this day, I humbly salute the leaders, elders and people who successfully conducted the plebiscite on this historic day and as a result of which the democratic right of the Naga people could be established.And this right will stand and has become a strong political pillar for Naga freedom of sovereignty.

I also salute all our people who solidly stand true to Naga political rights for sovereignty as a people and nation.

The NNC also extend our gratitude to all the people around the world who support the Naga cause of sovereignty for so long in this beautiful part of the world.

Today the entire world is greatly affected by the Novel Corona Virus causing immense suffering and impacting human lives largely as this infectious and contagious virus continues to spread throughout the world.

It is truly heart breaking that today many people have lost their lives to this virus and many are in danger and at risk. The virus is spreading more across the world, making human lives vulnerable and humanity at large is at stake.

This invisible and unseen virus has brought down Governments and peoples of the world at its knees, and the future is very uncertain at this point.
And the root of all this points to some certain Governments and Scientists who are responsible to have started this as a means to further their agenda of biological, economic and political supremacy and control.

And as a result of their terrible and wicked policy has created havoc and devastation throughout the world.

Therefore the Governments and scientists responsible for invention of this fatal and life-threatening virus must bear all responsibility and is answerable to humanity at large.

In the midst of this crisis and danger, the Naga people in particular and the North East in general must firmly stand together and co-operate in all fronts to fight and defeat this novel corona virus pandemic for prevention and survival of entire region.

Indeed, our Living God is in control and His grace and mercy will sustain and prevail for humanity at large.

Glory to God Almighty.Kuknalim.

Yillow Humtsoe,
Acting President of Naga National Council
(Parent Body)

By EMN Updated: May 15, 2020 9:02:04 pm
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