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Monday, February 26, 2024

Naga National Council accuses Indian government of playing ‘divisive policy’

By EMN Updated: Feb 01, 2024 7:50 pm

DIMAPUR — President of Naga National Council (NNC), Gen Thinoselie M Keyho, has blamed the government of India for the delay in settlement of Naga issue, accusing it of playing “divisive policy”. In the meantime, he said that the onus of the final verdict rests in God alone.

Keyho stated this in his message to mark the 79th year of NNC’s establishment on February 2, 1946, while greeting the Naga people on the auspicious occasion.

“The Naga National Council is indeed the first and only undisputed Political Institution to be ever established. It used to be simply ‘NAGA HILLS’ and the nomenclature of NAGALAND had been brought about only after the establishment of the NNC. The operative essence herein is that the Naga people living in ‘political’ India, China and Myanmar (Burma) are collectively called Nagas and the land they live in is called Nagaland.

“In this magnificent way, the NNC envisaged to bring all the Nagas under one entity. In the annals of the NNC, the word ‘integration’ finds no mention. However, on the day the Federal Government of Nagaland was set up, the Naga people of all areas were made into ONE (federated/ integrated). The core conviction of the NNC is that the Naga Nation is unique and would continue to thrive in this Independent and Sovereign State for all times to come,” read the message.

He went on to urge the people to discern the historical truth and seek God, stating that many rushed in to join the Indian Union when India was granted her Independence “but the Nagas have not joined and would never do so”.

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By EMN Updated: Feb 01, 2024 7:50:28 pm
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