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Tuesday, December 12, 2023
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Naga Mothers’ Association Convey Solidarity to NSF Peace Rally

By EMN Updated: Jun 12, 2022 10:39 pm

The Naga Mothers’ Association conveys our solidarity to the Call for peace Rally being organised by the Naga Students Federation and the Naga Students Union Delhi. We thank our Naga students for taking the initiative in drawing the attention of the Government of India on the need for peace in our Naga Homeland.

As Naga Mothers and Naga women, we have worked for decades as peacemakers and peace keepers, because we believe in a future for our children and the younger generation, to live in peace. The Naga struggle in our Homeland has taken its toll on all Naga families, as we have witnessed militarisation in the Naga hills under the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act since 1958. We have lost sons and brothers, killed by the Indian armed forces, daughters and sisters raped and killed in our villages and homes. Hundreds of our villages have been razed to the ground in these decades of militarisation in our Naga homeland under the Indian Armed Forces. We call for justice on the numerous massacres by the Indian armed forces, be it, the Matikhru beheading of village leaders by the Indian army, Oinam rapes and massacres, Kohima bomb blasts, Mokokchung shootings and arson, Wuzu Killing of children and Pangsha killings, Oting and Mon killing of civilians by the Indian armed forces last December 2021, civilian killings in Arunachal Pradesh Naga areas this year. Peace must come with justice for all such incidents, which can never be forgotten by us Naga Mothers. The long drawn out peace process has also witnessed killings and bloodshed amongst our own armed brothers and the NMA remains committed that we must not start another war in the tactical delays by the Government of India.

Today, we call upon the Government of India to honour the peace negotiations and bring about sustainable peace in our Naga homeland by an honourable, acceptable and inclusive solution, to the Naga people at the earliest. The Naga mothers calls for recognition of our Naga flag, under which thousands have marched and laid down their lives and a working Constitution that will protect our Naga identity of social, cultural traditions and practices, basic Naga laws, our land and resources. The NMA reiterate our demand for the repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which has violated every form of human rights in our Naga homeland. India is a country of Ahimsa, of the Mahatma, of a freedom born from non violence and a democratic freedom movement. We firmly believe in the goodwill and wisdom of the Indian Leaders and urge that women’s right to peace and security is respected and acknowledged by the Government of India and agreements made so far in peace negotiations will be upheld. Let there be no more bloodshed in the days ahead and may our younger generations, our children, see peace and justice, is our earnest prayer. We remain grateful to many companions of Indian civil society and women organisations, that have supported the Naga call for peace and justice, over the years.

By EMN Updated: Jun 12, 2022 10:39:00 pm
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