Naga Lady Launches Company In Mumbai
Friday, July 12, 2024
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Naga lady launches company in Mumbai

By Our Reporter Updated: Aug 12, 2020 11:09 pm

Zero9Degree aims to promote artists of all genres from across the globe

Our Reporter

Dimapur, Aug. 12 (EMN): Esther Beaham Konyak from Tizit town in Mon district, who was in news a few years ago after being selected by a top animation company DQ Entertainment International Limited Hyderabad, has now launched a new company along with two business partners.

It may be mentioned that Konyak was selected as animator for the entertainment company’s project “Zak Storm”, a computer animated children’s television series, in 2017.

Konyak, who is currently based in Mumbai, launched a new company called “Zero9Degree”, a music studio in Mumbai and an app called “Ameycast”, along with two business partners.

Konyak was a well-established professional in animation but she shifted her base from Hyderabad to Mumbai and went on to become the creative head of a TV Channel, where she met her two other business partners Abhishek Kumar from Uttar Pradesh and Yogesh Dutta from Mumbai.

“After working for so many years in the media, this young lady has now ventured into a new territory and is the force behind the launch of the Zero9Degree company and shoulders the responsibility of being the Content Head of the Company,” said Kumar, who is the CEO of the new company.

Konyak told Eastern Mirror that she met Kumar and Dutta from a TV channel that she was earlier working with. Dutta who is the Director of the company is a retired army commandant.

It was after she left the job in March that the trio came up with the idea of Zero9degree music studio which also owns the Ameycast app which is a music and podcast app with 12 MB in size.

‘Zero9degree is a platform for all talented artists who requires a stage to showcase their talents. The company is committed to promote artists of all genres from all parts of our country and beyond. The company wants to give the young budding artists an opportunity to present their talents in front of the world audience through the Ameycast app. The app is created to ensure that every talented individual, be it a writer or singer can get the exposure they deserve,’ said Konyak.

Also, Konyak said except for few, there are not much better avenues for the Nagas and the Northeast artists to promote their talents. The team’s main focus will be on the Northeast region.

The app and the company was conceived in the month of March and hit the market on August 8. ‘We will be paying the artist 40% of the revenue,’ she said.

“Coming from Nagaland and Northeast I know how much talent is hidden. I hope to find those gems and give them the podium to perform and show their talent as people should know how much talent we have”, she hoped for.

On choosing the company’s name as Zero9degree, Konyak said, “it’s a latitude passing through different parts of the world. We chose this name Zero9degree  because we believe in reaching each and every corner in finding talent”.

The three of them are from different age groups but their zeal towards their aspiration and vision does not let their age differences hinder their thought process.

“Instead of hindering our ideas, age  differences is more of an advantage as we share our ideas collectively and if anyone of us go astray from the creative ideas, we have each other to guide and make one another understand,” she asserted.

Zero9Degree has recently signed up with a Naga musician, Tsali STM. He is said to be the first artist from Northeast to sign up with the platform.

By Our Reporter Updated: Aug 12, 2020 11:09:04 pm
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