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Naga Hoho, NSF condemn killing by Manipur police

By EMN Updated: Aug 31, 2014 11:30 pm


THE Naga Hoho and NSF have vehemently condemned the brutal killing of Ramkashing Vashi and Mayapam Ramror by the Manipur Police Commandos in Ukhrul on Friday.
Their only sin was joining the rally to emancipate the people from living under the scourge of draconian laws, the Hoho said while expressing solidarity at the loss of innocent lives which it said have been offered at the altar of indifferent and belligerent attitude of the government of Manipur.
The Naga Hoho prayed that the souls of deceased rest in eternal peace and also granting peace and solace to the bereaved families.
The Hoho stated that the unfortunate incident that occurred in Ukhrul district headquarters is indicative of the bent of mind of the Manipur government that no tolerance shall be shown to any peaceful demonstrators who have been living in very difficult circumstances for no fault of theirs. “To show and protest their resentment to the Government for imposing laws which makes the lives of citizens miserable, Government Manipur had no compunction but to take away the lives of innocents and injuring several other rallyists,” it said.
The Naga Hoho recalled that sensing that the citizens were subjected to undue harassment ever since the imposition of Section 144 CrPC, it urged the Manipur government to relax the order long time back. However, it lamented, these pleas have fallen on deaf ears and the imposition of the law has been there for quite a while causing undue harassment to people living peacefully in the district.
It is as though government of Manipur have been waiting for the people to assemble in large number to register their protest whereby they can demonstrate their military superiority to the innocent citizens, the Hohi said adding that hence the action perpetrated on the innocent people by the government of Manipur is condemnable.
Further, the Hoho urged the government of India to immediately direct the government of Manipur to revoke the imposition of laws that restricts citizens to a life of honour and dignity.
Vehemently condemning the killing of two innocent civilians and injury to many people in Ukhrul town while they were staging peaceful rally to demand settlement of the long-pending political issue and removal of Section 144 CrPC in Ukhrul district, the NSF questioned the government of Manipur about the rationale behind the promulgation and continuance of Section 144 CrPC when the public has sought to do away with the prohibitory order.
“The August 30th incident has clearly shown the intention of the Govt. of Manipur that the Manipur commandos and IRB are deployed in the district not for safeguarding but for militarization and bring fear psychosis in the minds of the peace loving citizens,” NSF vice president Joseph Nguori and speaker RS Jollyson said in a condemnation note today.
Stating that there was not an iota of reason to open fire randomly and bombard the town when public were democratically carrying out peaceful procession, the NSF said such a barbaric act is tantamount to direct challenging to the whole Nagas and also amounts to sabotaging the Indo-Naga peace process.
Asking the government of Manipur to give enough compensation to the families of the deceased and also take care of all the medical needs of the injured persons, the Federation wanted that the government of India set up an independent enquiry body to thoroughly investigate the incident and punish the concerned officer(s) responsible for the mayhem in Ukhrul.
Expressing condolence to the bereaved families and praying for early recovery of the injured persons, the Federation urged all the Nagas to come together and stand resolutely for our inherent birth rights.

By EMN Updated: Aug 31, 2014 11:30:44 pm