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Naga Hoho leaders dispute assembly deputy speaker

By EMN Updated: Nov 25, 2018 12:03 am

Dimapur, Nov. 24 (EMN):A group of leaders of the Naga Hoho has issued a statement disputing a number of contentions that was stated to have been made in a news update on November 24 in the local media.
P Chuba Ozukum, president; Samson Remei, vice president; HK Zhimomi, vice president; Mhonchumo, secretary for cultural and customary affairs; and K Elu Ndang, secretary of the federal assembly, appended the press release that was received here on Saturday.
The Naga Hoho executive stated to clarify ‘confusion created by the unfledged speaker’ of the Naga Hoho, which was stated to have been published in the local dailies on Nov. 24 2018 under the headline ‘Naga Hoho federal assembly to exist till new team is elected,’ the press release began.

The press release stated that the Naga Hoho could not set up a search committee two months ahead in accordance with the organisation’s constitution ‘basing on the fact that the acting speaker failed to uphold the decision and directive of executive council.’
In this regard, the press release stated, the executives directed the acting speaker to summon the federal assembly on November 3 2017 and another on July 31 2018.

In fact, the acting speaker himself was also present when the executive resolved to summon the federal assembly on 3rd Nov. 2017. “However, he turned deaf ears and refused to summon the federal assembly of which the reason best known to him. Our intention was only to address the conflicting views and differences among the constituent units and executive council in the federal assembly and thereby hammer out the differences as he has clearly mentioned in his statement to ‘rejuvenate and vibrant Naga Hoho to serve the Naga people,’” the press release explained.

Stating that the acting speaker was ‘neither above the executive council nor the Yehzabo (constitution) of Naga Hoho,’ the statement asserted that the acting speaker ‘alone propagating to run the affairs of Naga Hoho even after the expiry of the present tenure is hilarious and more of a figment of imagination or self centred individual.’

“We patiently waited for more than twelve months for the acting speaker to convene the federal assembly and when our tenure has come to an end, we decided to convene the presidential council meeting as another option on 26th November, 2018,” the press release read.

“Under these circumstances, we appeal to all the tribe Hohos and well wishers not to be swayed away by the misleading news item from the acting speaker and further requested to attend the meeting for the sake of unity and fraternity among the Nagas.”

By EMN Updated: Nov 25, 2018 12:03:40 am