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Naga Hoho breaks silence on Nagaland’s road to ruin

By EMN Updated: Oct 29, 2014 12:41 am

Dimapur, October 28

After a long hiatus, the Naga Hoho has finally woken to the prolonged dereliction of the state. Probably for the first time in the recent years, the organization has strongly decried the corruption, policy ‘monopoly’, and the arrested development in Nagaland. The Naga Hoho issued a strongly-worded statement on Tuesday, censuring the government for centralizing the administrative affairs of the state, the now almost nonfunctional government departments and corruption.
Stating its first displeasure, the Naga Hoho highlighted what it called ‘centralization of power’ in the hands of only a few of those in power who have failed to take into consideration the concern of the public. This has led to /prejudices and nepotism, breakdown of justice in every level, and corruption,’ the organization stated. Deputy Speaker of the organization Kenyuseng Tep appended the press release. ‘Centralization of power excludes people participation in the system of governance,’ the organization stated.
“(In) Any governance, if peoples’ participation is less there exists no sense of democracy. It is only few who holds authority have the power to exercise on decision making exclusively without considering the good intention of the majority. This also excludes many potential and intellectuals, capable of transforming the society” the Naga Hoho stated.
“Centralization of power, further the violence and exploitation against the weak and the poor. There are such obvious cases of power abuses rampantly in the present governance system of our state,” the organization stated.
“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, decentralization of governance is essential to do away the corruption and injustice. The organization lamented that that power in Nagaland now rests only with the bureaucrats and the politicians and every power is centralized in the secretariat where every decision is made by an exclusive few.
The “present chaos” in socio-economic and political life of our Naga society is due to the inadequate distribution of power and responsibility where the “general concern” is not being taken into concern, the Naga Hoho stated. “Prejudices and nepotism have become the practice of our system; there is complete breakdown of justice in every level.”
The Naga frontal organization has challenge citizens to be ‘honest in our judgment’ and admit to putting the people to ‘irreparable destruction.’ “There is no honesty, transparency and accountability existing in our system today. I am not bringing the extreme centralization concept for an argument but the present practice going on is far worse than extreme is my focus point here,” the deputy speaker stated in the press release.
The organization has suggested that the government of Nagaland decentralize power from the secretariat to the “lower rank level” so that the governance of the state and the general administrative system becomes ‘more transparent and democratic where equal; opportunity can be availed by every section of people.”
The organization has challenged all to come out honestly: The state and her people are being put to irreparable destruction, the Naga Hoho stated. The Naga frontal minced no words as it stated that “development is going on only inside the secretariat” but “there is nothing to see outside.”
The statement contented that a policy of decentralization can lead to a flexible, innovative and creative management where the masses can be involved and can bring about a successful social system.
“We are all aware that in our present governance management system, development is going on only inside the secretariat but there is nothing to see outside. In fact government offices in other districts and sub-divisions remain dormant,” the organization lamented.
“Very often we come across through media the hues and cry of the people against injustice and discrimination which is visible from the non-functioning of various departments in their districts and sub-divisions but nothing gets improve (sic), the Naga Hoho added.

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