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Friday, May 24, 2024

Naga Hoho appeals for unity and reconciliation

By EMN Updated: Apr 11, 2024 11:18 pm

DIMAPUR — The Naga Hoho has issued an appeal to the Naga people, urging them to embrace peace and unity, setting aside differences and fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

Recognising the current challenges within the ‘broken’ Naga society, the Naga Hoho emphasised that distrust and mutual suspicion, is never the solution. “The diverse opinions, demands, and issues within the Naga tribes should be approached through peaceful means, fostering dialogue and understanding among all sections of society,” it said in the appeal on Thursday.

Acknowledging the long and arduous journey towards sustainable peace, the Naga Hoho noted the persistent trust deficit within Naga communities, exacerbated by repeated external attempts to sow discord. As a result, the Naga people are “still recovering from lost opportunities, eradicating prejudices and discrimination within our family and between our people, cultures and denomination so that we can foster healing and reconciliation,” it said.

“Naga Hoho firmly believe that through peaceful means, we can address differences, find common ground, and build a harmonious society,” it said, while urging the Naga people and various Naga political groups to come together and work towards a mutually honourable and acceptable solution to the protracted Naga political issue with the government of India.

It appealed to the Indian government to understand and resolve the decades old issue, taking into consideration the sentiments and aspirations of the Nagas, and to initiate dialogue with the government of Myanmar to bring together Nagas residing in both countries.

It also called for communal harmony among Naga tribes and communities, urging forgiveness and embracing one another for the sake of posterity.

Further, it urged the government to promote inclusive development so that no one is left behind and for efforts towards building social cohesion, while fostering justice, tolerance, and understanding to facilitate healing, reconciliation, and national unity.

The Naga Hoho reaffirmed its commitment to advocating for the Naga people’s right to self-determination and called for building mutual trust to overcome differences for the collective good. It urged all Naga tribal bodies to prioritise collaboration over personal interests, emphasising the importance of unity in navigating the transitional process towards a unified purpose among the Naga people.

By EMN Updated: Apr 11, 2024 11:18:06 pm
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