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Naga Hindi Voice sings for Bollywood Film “2 am at Lokhandwala”

By EMN Updated: Mar 02, 2015 12:45 am

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]inner and finalist of Naga Hindi Voice Malabika Kachari and Nawang Konyak have reached Mumbai for their Debut song in Bollywood . Director Shiraz Henry & Producer Rebecca Changkija recorded a song at ZIP Track Studio on February 23 for their new film “2 am at Lokhandwala” Under the banner of ‘Find Studioz’ Production based on a true story of a serial killer called “the Beer killer” as he use to leave a can of beer every time after committing murder on Mumbai roads few years back.
Music directors for the movie are Manoj & Pukesh and Alobo Naga, music arranged by Asif Iqbal. Alobo Naga also played a small cameo role in the movie which has Christie Bourcq , Brahms Dirsipo , Gulshan Panday , Shashank , Jai Tari, Rahim , Tenzing Sherpa in the lead roles . This thriller Movie was shot in Chennai, Goa and Mumbai. The movie was also shot at the real location of Kovagam temple, 200 Kms away from Chennai where every year lakhs of Eunuch gather for this festival at Kovagam.
Malabika Kachari and Nawang Konyak also sang at Nagaland festival in Mumbai on February 21. The Producer of the Movie Rebecca Changkija said these 2 young stars are hidden talents with lots of Potential. They will go far if they work really hard, she also Congratulated the organiser of Naga hindi voice 2014 session 1.

By EMN Updated: Mar 02, 2015 12:45:31 am