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Naga Freedom Struggle as Observed

By EMN Updated: Aug 09, 2020 6:00 pm

History itself is living proof that Nagas were once free people who were running their own administration and practicing a very high form of democracy until the Britishers stepped in and subjugated the Nagas, and at their own whims divided the Nagas and placed them under several territories, where one part falls under the present day Myanmar today and the other part falling under the Indian territory with its population and land in Nagaland, Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It is also a matter of fact that no Indian king had ever set foot in any of the Naga Inhabited areas prior to the British arrival in the Naga country and therefore, the subsequent subjugation of Nagas by the Indians after the departure of the Britishers is not justifiable. Let it be known to all the people in the world that the Nagas right to self-determination is justified on the basis of its unique history, geography and culture, which can never become a part of India or Myanmar. Therefore, on the basis of the aforementioned facts, the Nagas declared their Independence on the 14th of Aug, 1947, a day before India gained its Independence. The Nagas desire for freedom was also declared to the world on the Naga plebiscite of 1951 in which 99.9% of the Nagas young and old, unitedly exercised their sovereign will and aspiration to secure their own political destiny and it is this plebiscite that justifies the Naga’s right to self-determination.

Although the right to live together as an independent nation was the inherent right and desired goal of the Nagas from time immemorial, the subjugation and oppression from the Indian side continues unabated and in the process, so many innocent Nagas were murdered, tortured and raped for defending and showing their desire to live together. The Blood shed and the untold hardships suffered by the Nagas in the past cannot be condoned even to this day and therefore, when we talk of the Naga struggle, there is blood and tears involved in the issue which can never be compensated with mere economic package or financial assistance.

Now in the present time, we were made to understand that the Naga peace talk between the GOI and Naga political groups have been concluded on 31st October,2019 by withholding the NSCN- IM demand for separate flag and constitution for further negotiation. While this breakthrough was a matter of joy to some for reasons best known to them, to many like me, it is never so. To conclude the Naga peace talk under such malicious circumstance is suicidal. It is ridiculously absurd to imagine how some section of people who claim to represent the Nagas could agree to a solution which only centres around mere economic package. We are all aware that the Naga issue is a political problem and until and unless it is resolved amicably with dignity in the best interest of all the Nagas, one cannot hope for peaceful co-existence. No Naga political group can ignore the important fact that the Naga movement was born due to the external intrusion of Naga country and as a matter of fact, the movement purposely embarked to defend the right to live together as a nation and to determine its own future. Any attempt to twist and turn the Naga issue in the name of fighting for Naga sovereignty by any group or individuals is treachery.

It is truly dignifying that our forefathers defended the Naga nation with pride and died with honour. However, many Nagas are today doomed and deceived by the catch words of honourable and acceptable solution. Visualising and observing the whole atmosphere of the ongoing peace talk and its possible consequence on the Nagas, the term honourable and acceptable solution which forms the hallmark of the talk to my mind is simply a misappropriation which is misguiding and misleading. The initial Naga freedom movement was never about a package and hence the expression honourable and acceptable solution is simply a laughing stock if it fails to defend the dignity of the Nagas and satisfy the true aspiration of the Nagas because we all know for sure that the only solution that can be honourable and acceptable to the Nagas is Nagas Integration and Sovereignty, and anything below that is not within our realm of aspiration.

It takes us back to several decades when Nagas would courageously march by foot to foreign lands to procure arms and ammunitions to defend the Naga homeland. They walked in an unknown land under the most inconvenient circumstance without food for weeks and months. Many of them died on the way from the enemy’s attacks and hunger too took its toll, and their bones still remain unburied in foreign lands. All these ordeals of the Naga freedom movement still runs fresh in our blood and shame on us if those solemn sacrifices of our true Naga patriots are to be bartered for selfish gains.

The present Naga peace talk is full of ambiguity and perils. God forbid but if the peace talk concludes under the present circumstance sans integration and sovereignty, we can only expect another decade of vicious bloodshed and unrest among our own Naga people.

Considering the fact that emotions are involved in the issue, the issue may naturally take some time to get resolved but that does not mean we should concede our fight and compromise over some package which will only profit a handful of people at the top of the hierarchy. We cannot allow some vested groups destroy the Naga Nation which was built with the blood and tears of all Nagas irrespective of territories. Until and unless Nagas from far and wide collectively march together in true spirit, we can never hope to achieve our desired goal of Independence.

The younger generations are surely confused and a lot of us are unable to understand the whole imbroglio. Only God knows what the future holds for us but I’m afraid the present peace accord may not do justice to the decades long sacrifice of our true Naga patriots who have given their everything for the cause. Should the Naga Political groups and people involved in the Naga issue fail to represent the true aspiration of the Naga public, it would lead to terrible consequences within the Naga brethren and for which the younger generations will not be held accountable. Our leaders would do well to keep in mind this reality. Nagas should come together and strive with one common vision without swerving to achieve our long cherished dream, the dream to become a free nation where Nagas once segregated can come together and live as one. For only when we do that, can we hope to thrive in every sphere of life and exhibit our true Naga identity to the world. Let the Naga Nation reign supreme.

Divito Vese

By EMN Updated: Aug 09, 2020 6:00:00 pm
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