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Naga flag, constitution ‘main obstacle’ to solution – Y Patton

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Jul 16, 2022 1:27 am
Y Patton
Y Patton, Kashiho Sangtam, Tovihoto Ayemi and others during the inauguration of Academic Block II of Unity College, Dimapur, on Friday. (EM Images)

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Dimapur, July 15(EMN): Nagaland Deputy Chief Minister, Y Patton on Friday said that the “main obstacle” in the way of solution to the Naga political issue is the NSCN (IM)’s insistence on a separate flag and constitution for the Nagas.

“The NSCM (IM) will not accept solution unless flag and constitution are given, and therefore unless NSCN (IM) comes forward for the solution, we are helpless,” Patton told journalists on the sideline of the 16th Freshers’ cum Annual Day programme of Unity College, Dimapur.

Y Patton speaking at the 16th Freshers’ cum Annual Day programme of Unity College, Dimapur on Friday. (EM Images)

When asked about the topic of discussion at the core committee meeting on Saturday (July 16), Patton replied, “We are going to have  serious discussion at the core committee meeting, because even if we continue core group meetings there is no meaning unless the NSCN (IM) comes forward.”

Maintaining that the central government had made it very clear that there would be no separate Naga flag and constitution, Patton said ‘when the talk was concluded on October 31, 2019, we need to work together’.

Earlier, addressing the students at the annual day event, the deputy CM said that maturity of a society has to be judged in terms of the consciousness of young generations towards their obligations and duties towards the society.

He said educational institutions play an important role in igniting young minds of the future generation and grooming them to take up a pro-active role in the society.

Stating that student life is the most interesting, crucial and challenging period in a person’s life as it is the “determining stage of life for one’s future”, he urged the gathering to make best use of the facilities and opportunities offered by the college.

“It is the time where you get tremendous opportunities to explore the world of knowledge, to prepare yourself to face the challenges of life and define your future, and as leaders of tomorrow, huge responsibilities lie ahead of you for creating a better society too,” he said.

He further said that the purpose of education must be to engage in life building, character building and assimilation of ideas with an ultimate goal of having an ideal society.

On the occasion, the deputy CM also inaugurated Academic Block II of Unity College, while minister for Geology & Mining and Soil and Water Conservation, V Kashiho Sangtam commissioned the library, and Advisor of Power department, H Tovihoto Ayemi commissioned the computer resource centre.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Jul 16, 2022 1:27:41 am