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MykiFest recognises women entrepreneurs for selfless service

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Mar 08, 2021 10:06 pm
R Khing, Diethono Nakhro and officials with awardees in Kohima on Monday.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, March 8 (EMN):
In a first, MykiFest award was given to women entrepreneurs and non-profit organisation for their selfless works towards uplifting women in Nagaland.

On International Women’s Day, the first eight awards were given to eight women, ranging from groups and individual entrepreneurs, artistes, and non-governmental organisations.

Additional director and head of the department of Women Resource Development, Vilone Sakhrie, said that the award targeted the ‘lesser-known women’ who were  engaged in crafts, artisans, NGOs etc., most of whose works are not in limelight, he added.

The MykiFest award, he said, would be held every four years in order to choose the most deserving candidate for the award. The officer added that the award was to inspire other women in various ventures for them to aspire to do better.

“The award is a humble beginning towards recognising the potentials of the women. Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction to encourage performing women, instill inspiration in others and to provide a stimulus for more women to envision and achieve similar goals,” WRD informed.

In the group category, the award was given to Runway Nagaland, Dimapur; North East Network (NEN), Nagaland; and apparels and accessories production team of TLI project under department of Women Resource Development.

The production team of TLI project under department of Women Resource Development, was awarded with MykiFest 2020-21, in recognition of valuable services rendered during times of emergencies, the ensuing pandemic being one such time of emergency when it was at its worst.

Runway Nagaland was given the award in recognition of their service in providing livelihood opportunities for women and employment generation while NEN was recognised for their community services and socio-economic upliftment of women in the state.

In the individual category, five women artists and entrepreneurs were awarded with MykiFest award.

Home-based entrepreneur from Kohima, Vimenuo Belho, was awarded for being an exemplar in successful home-based entrepreneurship.

Iboli Zhimo, a self-taught pebble artist from Nagaland who founded LiStone Pebble Art at Thahekhu, Dimapur was awarded for her skills in art and for innovative entrepreneurship.

Vikengunu Kera Fatima from Khuzama village, who has a locomotor disability caused by polio, was awarded with MykiFest Award, 2020-21 for her creativity and skill in craftworks and for exemplary community service.

Rural based entrepreneur Mezhüheno Mezhüheno from Khonoma village was given the award for her dedication, commitment and consistency in home-based entrepreneurship.

An upcoming painter from the Khiamniungan community, Phaoniu Shio, was given the MykiFest award, 2020-21 for her skill and talent to create fine works of painting and sketching.

It may be mentioned that Mykifest by WRD, an annual event, was launched during 2018-19, to celebrate the contribution of women as equal partners in the socio-economic development of the state.

Women in law making-need of the hour

Advisor of Women Resource Development and Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, R Khing in his address during the award distribution function said that Naga women are in the forefront in every aspect except in ‘law making body’, which is the need of the hour.

He rued over absence of women legislators during assembly sessions and said that there is no woman in legislation. He said; “Women should become the leaders of the society and set examples”.

Now is the opportune time for women to strive harder in all aspects particularly in political field, he went on to add.

The advisor called upon Naga women to make their presence in the law making bodies and help make laws for the people of the land. ‘By any means, there must be a woman in the cabinet in Nagaland, only then society will excel’, Khing said and added that society will not be able to progress without women.

He called upon the woman to guide the youngsters and children with laws as it is through women where change will come.

While congratulating women on International Women’s Day, he said that it is a day to celebrate women for their hard work, consistency, and commitment.

“God has given special gift woman—love that touches the hardest part of man,” he added.

“Unlike those days of head hunting where male dominated, Naga society has now ‘greatly changed’. It is woman that is taking the lead in almost every spectrum—at home, in studies and in jobs,” he said.

The advisor informed that Women Resources Development is the brainchild of current Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio.

“Nagaland is a pool of talented women but there was no facility and opportunities for them to explore further earlier. Therefore, in order to for them to develop into a wider platform, Rio came up with creation of Women Resources Development, which was previously under Social Welfare department.

He also said that under Rural Development department, 25% of fund from village development board is being set aside for women to encourage and support women at the societal level.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Mar 08, 2021 10:06:00 pm