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My Experience with Home Visitation

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Vire Rume, NIELIT, Kohima

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ife is never meant to be successful always neither to feel great among all beings nor to stumble often in life. I strongly feel that each being professions are destined for common and societal good. Well, every mankind has one’s own stance on relation to all issues and moments that he or she encounters in life. They bring out the figure and meanings- to do’s or not’s. Through this exposure there is a possibility to create a good mindset being an imperfect being. Perhaps in occasions it can also be the best platform where one can find the sole meaning of life. Besides the saying, “Experience is one’s best teacher”, which is used variedly for all circumstances, especially when one comes to compromise the lowly and downtrodden state of mind. Experience can be used alternatively, to learn and teach.It was after a long and tiresome journey visiting certain villages and having fellowship constantly with the villagers. Eventually, after a couple of days I fell quite exhausted physically. Here I along with my co-friends were assigned for certain duration more to take up the task once again. In this situation I had a mix feeling, whether to carry on or decline. But having being committed to the task I and my co-friends took the challenge dividing the region among ourselves and set out again.
I really didn’t know about the context of the place or proper biographical information of the family that I’m to visit. All I know was that the father of the family was ill, who was once a pioneer of the village church (and so I was guided by one local elderly man). On reaching home of the family I call out (father), as I didn’t know his name. Here an elderly woman responded and opened the door. I realized that I should have called as (grandfather) instead of (father) just by seeing her. But I didn’t say that to her. I quickly introduced myself and the purpose I came for. She was happy on hearing what I said, and appreciated for my coming, but at the same time she blurt the regrets for her husband was not at home.
She was a graceful elderly woman. She insisted me to come in and have a cup of water, saying why my grandson would leave my home without having anything from me. There I said ok and went inside, and had it. In the mean time I ask her if we could have a moment of uniting hearts together and look to God in prayer, her reply was positive. Here I thanked her for being so hospitable, and then I shared, “Grandmother I’m told that grandfather was a pioneer of this village church, I’m sure that all those are possible because of your helping hand, besides the love and continuous guidance of our Almighty God, I’m very sure that your household have paved the way to let blessings flow unto this village.” She replied, “May be we are not up to that extend, but thank you grandson and yeah God has really being gracious to my home and village.” Here I continued and said, though grandfather is away from home we will continue to pray for his quick recovery and we’ll also remember all your other family members engaged in different activities both for their physical and spiritual life. And at the same time I did request her to pray for me and for my institution, as students are assigned to involve in practical ministry. And then I read a passage from Gospel of Matthew 11:28-29, “Come to Me, all you… and you will find rest for your souls”, and we prayed together.
On finishing it, I rise up and shake her hands, and thanked her once again. When I did so I could see the tears gathered in her eyes. She step nearer and padded, caressing my shoulder she exclaimed you are a good child, my grandson God will bless you, and stay strong and be committed to your call. When she did this I could feel something change in me. My tiredness, dizziness, and my sickness (internal problem) which I had disappeared so sudden, I didn’t have any words to reply on experiencing such a pleasant moment. ‘Thank you Grandmother’ was the only thing I uttered, and then we departed.
I went back to my place (guest house) and kept reflecting about the whole incident that happened during the Home Visitation. Something that just simply got well medicineless. I was moved that day. I did not encounter such things in my ordinary/ secular journey. God is above all. In God, blessings are endless.
Generally, common beings have a prejudice of Home Visitation. The deep rooted of fallacy that Home Visitation should be the task of those people who holds key post or position in terms of practicing faith. Home Visitation is not something hazard, and so it should be projected as propensity. Home Visitation is the key to have a pleasant relationship with Divine and fellow beings.

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