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Musik-A opens branch at Chümoukedima

By Our Reporter Updated: Oct 10, 2020 11:10 pm
Advisor of Tafma, Theja Meru (right) with Alobo Naga (centre) and administrator of Chümoukedima, Thejavizo Nakhro along with two students.

Our Reporter

Dimapur, Oct. 10 (EMN): Alobo Naga, an acclaimed musician from Nagaland has opened another branch of Musik-A also known as Alobo Naga School of Music on October 10 at Chümoukedima.

The advisor for Task Force for Music and Arts (Tafma), Theja Meru graced the inaugural of the second branch of the music school.

Congratulating Naga on his expansion, Meru made known that Casio being the corporate partner of Tafma is also partnering with  Musik-A making it the first of its kind to be associated with such a huge brand related to music. He made known that the partnership would fall under the banner “Casio Piano Club.”

 “This Casio Piano Club will reach and collaborate with other music schools across all the districts in Nagaland,” said Meru and thanked the brand for believing in the partnership.

Meru shared that the pandemic has been a challenging time for the music industry but musicians like Alobo Naga and others have been positive, forward thinking and upward looking during this hard time.

“Countless initiatives have been taken up by musicians on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Faceboook and I am so proud to be part of this industry amongst them,” said Meru.

The advisor also felt that it was a moment of pride especially during the lockdown as many musicians have been productive and have brought accolades to the state during this time.

“They are not just leading our Nagaland but are setting examples in the country; they are ahead of many in the country by coming up various initiatives and ventures; I hope many more schools like Musik-A opens across Nagaland,” concluded Meru.

Speaking to Eastern Mirror, Alobo Naga said that this was a first in Nagaland for Casio to be partnering with a music school. “Casio will be conducting workshops, concerts and will also be selling their instruments,” said Alobo adding that this partnership is not only benefiting Casio but also music students to be associated with a huge brand.

“Our main focus in the school will be piano classes and vocals since I am also a major in those fields but we will provide all lessons and classes in various instruments,” informed Alobo.

(Our Reporter)

By Our Reporter Updated: Oct 10, 2020 11:10:34 pm