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Musik-A festival postponed; organisers to observe 10 days of mourning

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Dec 06, 2021 8:42 pm
Musik-A festival postponed
Organisers of the Musik-A festival seen with Inglish Maker (fourth from right) after a press conference in Dimapur on Dec. 6.

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Dimapur, Dec. 6 (EMN):  The Musik-A festival which was scheduled to be held from Dec. 7 to the 9th has been postponed till further notice. This was announced by the organiser Alobo Naga of the Musik-A events during a press conference held at Hotel Citrine in Dimapur on Dec. 6.

Alobo Naga said the festival was postponed considering the ongoing situation while expressing that it would be impossible to celebrate when the rest was mourning.

“We are devastated and down at the moment so this decision to postpone the festival even after the organisers would go through financial loss on spending money for the event and paying the artistes was decided respecting the sentiments of what our state and people is going through”, Naga announced while informing that the organisers will observe at least 10 days of mourning for the lost lives.

The three days festival was focused on market for local entrepreneurs, a support system created by artistes for the artistes and content creators to support each other, and a place for family recreation.

Most of the artistes were already in Dimapur for the event but they would be returning back till a date is announced for the festival but it cannot be confirmed if the international artistes would be available after a new date is decided, Naga said.

He further clarified that even if the Hornbill festival is not cancelled, Musik-A festival will stand cancelled for the time being as the event is a private entity and not part of the government.

Announcing the decision to postpone the festival, Naga appealed the centre government to revoke and repeal AFSPA and remove the “disturbed area” tag from Nagaland as the state is a peace loving people.

Renowned Youtuber Inglish Maker who was also present at the press conference expressed regret over the festival being postponed but assured of coming back while extending his solidarity over the unfortunate event.

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Dec 06, 2021 8:42:00 pm