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Murder accused goes scot-free

By EMN Updated: Aug 30, 2014 12:06 am

KASU serves ultimatum to Dimapur DC 

Dimapur, August 29

In another instance of travesty of justice and police administration in Nagaland, the accused arrested in the brutal assault and subsequent death of a college student of Salt Christian College on August 23 in the hands of a number of Muslims have been released.
An outraged Khaghaboto Area Students’ Union (KASU) has served a warning to the district administration to re-arrest the accused within 30 days, or face consequences. The union issued a copy of the ultimatum served to the deputy commissioner of Dimapur declaring severe warning against main accused, one Ali Akbar, and his accomplices in connection with the murder case.
On August 23, 2014, around 11 PM, a mob numbering 9-10 persons armed with knives and ‘lathi’ lead by Ali Akbar assaulted student of Salt Christian College Itoka Yeptho, and was left unconscious, the union stated. The injured student was found lying in a pool of blood by villagers. Later, he was shifted to Zion hospital at around 1:30 Am but succumbed to injury and was declared dead at around 7 AM on August 24.
A FIR was lodged with east police station in connection with the murder. “The police personnel swung into action and arrested Ali Akbar who was the mastermind of the said crime for interrogation. Meanwhile, the general public of Khaghaboto area arrested one person namely Abul Basha who is also the son of Ali Akbar for inquiry,” the union stated.
“He admitted and confessed to the murder of late Itoka Yeptho along with 9 to 10 members and basing on the verbal confessional statement, Abul Basha was handed over to the police personnel in good faith for further steps,” the students’ organization.
To the shock of the community, the union stated, no complaint was registered against Abul Basha despite his confession that he was involved in the commission of the crime. “And as such the accused was set free by the police personnel without proper examination and interrogation,” the union stated.
The KASU has given the administration 30 days to meet the following demands or face eventualities: arrest of all the accomplices of Ali Akbar and Abu Basha within 30 days with effect from August 29; denial of bail of the accused under any circumstance, and that the family of the deceased must be granted ex-gratia.
If the district administration fails to meet these demands, the KASU stated, the district administration will bear responsibility for any recourse that the students undertake in eventual response.

By EMN Updated: Aug 30, 2014 12:06:13 am