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Mumbai doctors’ med foray in Nagaland underway

By EMN Updated: Mar 26, 2015 12:13 am
Dr. Suparna Nirgudkar and other healthcare personnel consulting with patients during the ongoing free medical camp in Naga Hospital in Kohima town on March 25. (DIPR)
Dr. Suparna Nirgudkar and other healthcare personnel consulting with patients during the ongoing free medical camp in Naga Hospital in Kohima town on March 25. (DIPR)

Dimapur, March 25

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he two-day long free medical camp being offered by several eminent medical doctors from Mumbai is underway on Wednesday in the premise of the Naga Hospital Authority of Kohima. The event was initiated by the Governor of Nagaland, PB Acharya.
Hundreds of patients received medical services from the six-member team of doctors from Mumbai led by Dr. Suparna Nirgudkar (Medicine). The doctors came all the way from Mumbai. The team of doctors reached Kohima on the evening of March 24.During the sidelines of the medical camp, Dr. Suparna said that the idea of conducting a free medical camp germinated about 6 months ago when her husband Dr. Nirgudkar, who also happens to be the chief of Zee 24 hours Marathi Channel, interviewed the governor of Nagaland.
“After the interview, the governor enquired about my profession and on learning that I was a doctor on to critical care, he spontaneously called me and mentioned about Nagaland which he said needs professional doctors, to see the health problems of the people”, she said.
The doctor said it was ‘basically the inspiring words of the governor of Nagaland which made them to realize that they were living in a cocoon way of life in Mumbai seeing patients, and decided to have a bridge between the two states of Maharashtra and Nagaland, a bridge by way of healthcare.’
“This is our 1st year and we would like to strengthen this bridge every single year,” she said.
Dr. Suparna also lauded the Indian National Fellowship Foundation Mumbai, a nongovernmental organization working in the healthcare sector for initiating and showing keen interest in conducting a free medical camp in Nagaland.
“It was through the coordination and initiative of the governor of Nagaland and the INFF, that we are able to come here”, she said.
The team leader informed that the present 2-day medical camp would be in the nature of a ‘survey camp,’ due to short notice that the camp was arranged. However, she assured that by next year, health camps would be for more days. The team would be visiting the interior places as well, she said.
“Next year we will come for a week with a team of more doctors and definitely we plan to go in the interior districts and we have in mind to make it as an annual medical camp”, Dr. Suparna said.
The visiting doctors are: Team leader Dr. Suparna Nirgudkar, MD(Medicine); 20 years experience as consulting physician in treating diabetics, TB and other infectious diseases.
Dr. Umesh Borwankar, MS (general surgery). More than 25 years of experience in the field of general surgery, laparoscopic surgery; has participated in various medical camps.
Dr. Nitin Narawane, MD(Medicine) DM(Gastroenterology); 20 years experience in Gastroenterology.
Dr. Ninu Almel, MS(Ophthalmology); 15 years of experience in cataract surgery. Also conducted eye camps in Thane.
Dr. Manjiri Ranade, MD(Anesthesia); 15 years of experience as Anesthetist. Mainly practicing pain management specialist for treatment of chronic pain
Dr.Nilima Dumbre, BHMS.

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