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Multi-messaging app designed by Naga lad to launch next month

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Jun 27, 2021 8:58 pm

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Dimapur, June 27 (EMN):
A Naga lad from Dimapur has ventured into the untapped potential of local tech startups in Nagaland with a multi-messaging-based social media app, expected to launch next month.

Hiboka Sumi, founder of ‘Bujulo’ — the startup company –shared with Eastern Mirror that he has been working on this project for about eight months.

Sumi said that Bujulo is still in its early days but they already have a website. Although it still does not have the link for the pre-beta test app on iOS and Android, however they will soon open their beta version to some limited people.

At the moment, they are done with the prototype phase and the rollout is in progress, and they are fixing some bugs before the app reaches users, he informed.

Sumi said that since his childhood, he was interested in computer programming and coding. The first time he heard about the internet was in 2005 and that’s where his journey began, he shared.

Sumi explained that the app allows people to spontaneously jump into chat and live stream rooms, where users can also create and share short-video contents. Users can send text, voice messages, pictures and videos to one another, he said.

‘It also allows users to post stories in the form of pictures, text and videos. Whether it’s for making new friends, sharing your life through video contents, transmitting your thoughts, or having instant messaging chats with your friends, Bujulo has the packs and features built-in.

‘Bujulo lets users connect through video content, voice, live streams and chat. It also allows the individual to follow people based on the interest that both the individuals share in common. One can follow and be followed. Bujulo will also encourage users to jump from audience to audience, trends to trends, creating something like a stimulated temporary friend group’, he shared.

When queried about the ownership of the company or its shared equity, Sumi said that he has full ownership of the company and is the sole employee.

He however said that he did not do all the work by himself. While working on the project, he met people in the coding and programming space through LinkedIn and coding group forums where they assisted and helped him, Sumi said.

Further, Sumi shared that his main purpose to build Bujulo was to create a ‘super app’.

When asked about the problems he faces as a startup company especially in Nagaland, Sumi said that ‘Nagaland is far behind many states in India but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any opportunities’.

‘Not only in Nagaland, wherever it may be one will always face hurdles and problems in whatever field but the only thing is how you execute and grow while learning’, he shared.

When queried about why he decided to venture into a multi-messaging-based social media app as there are already similar apps in the market, Sumi acknowledged that there were a lot of similar and big companies dominating these sectors ‘but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try’.

When asked about the advantages of Bujulo app compared to other similar apps, Sumi explained that users can create and share short-form videos and contents; users will be able to live stream (later on they would be introducing in-app monetisation such as virtual coins and tokens exclusively for live stream); and chat with friends.

Sumi added that these won’t be the only features but they would keep updating their app over time. Users can expect features like AR, filters, video calls, voice calls, business accounts, Bujulo shops and many more, he informed.

He added that they would explain how some of these features will work during their pre-launch event; while in the full-fledged project, they would be offering a lot of features for businesses, influencers and users and share short-form videos.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Jun 27, 2021 8:58:35 pm