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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Kohima, Nagaland

Mudslides plague NH 2 in Kohima as residents fear for safety

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jul 02, 2024 11:17 pm
Vehicles travelling along National Highway 2 at Lerei Chazou on Monday in Kohima. (EM Images)

KOHIMA — The National Highway (NH) 2 stretch near Lerei Chazou in Kohima has deteriorated significantly due to mudslides triggered by recent heavy rains and residents are expressing serious concerns about the road conditions and the danger posed to both motorists and residents living below the highway.

According to a resident who spoke to Eastern Mirror, daily mudslides have become the norm due to persistent rainfall. This year’s mudslide, however, stands out as particularly disruptive, severely impacting both pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

He said that the mudslides pose significant danger to residents living below the affected road, adding that vehicles stuck on the soggy ground could be pushed down onto houses during a mudslide.

He further pointed out that some economically disadvantaged residents living below the road are unable to relocate, despite the looming threat to their safety and property.

Traffic personnel have been deployed throughout the day to manage the situation, despite the inclement weather, while two excavators have been stationed at the site to clear debris from the mudslides.

He observed that by Monday, the excavators had cleared the mud from the road five to six times. On Tuesday, too, he witnessed similar efforts, with the road being cleared multiple times to facilitate the movement of vehicles like public buses and heavy goods trucks.

The resident mentioned that he kept updating friends and loved ones about the road’s condition over the phone, advising them to take precautions while travelling through the affected area.

He also said that the national highway along the southern Angami area, which connects to Mao Gate, is also in poor condition.

The district administration has been advising light vehicles to take the alternative route via Aradura/New Ministers’ Hill, while one-way traffic has been regulated for heavy vehicles on NH 2 at Lerei Chazou.

Meanwhile, many citizens also apprised that several approach roads across the state have “turned into rivers” due to the monsoon rains, causing significant disruption.

There have also been reports of people drowning in the strong currents of swollen rivers due to the continuous downpours.

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By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jul 02, 2024 11:17:11 pm
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