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MTBA Youth Dept celebrates 75th anniversary

By Our Correspondent Updated: Jun 27, 2016 12:43 am

Mokokchung, June 26 : Mokokchung Town Baptist Arogo (MTBA) Youth Department, considered as one of the biggest churches under the umbrella of Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM) today celebrated its glorious 75th anniversary in high note.

The Platinum Jubilee programme held at MTBA mother church was attended by over a thousand of worshipers with former principal of Clark Theological College, Rev Dr Takatemjen as the main speaker.

Takatemjen in his sermon emphasized on the values that are indispensable for Christian missions today.
The Reverend maintained that for mission work, a worker needs to become a true disciple by coming closer to Jesus Christ.

“There is no mission without discipleship. As a disciple one needs to learn at the feet of Jesus Christ daily, not just for a year or two, but this kind of training involves a lifetime of learning, sitting at the feet of the master and learning from him just like the disciples of Christ,” he said.

He said, discipleship involves spiritual warfare where in the process, the disciples can lose their lives. He encouraged the youths to bear the suffering, self-denial and bearing the cross and following Jesus every day.

Takatemjen said, “a disciple is one who commits his life to the cause of the Kingdom, not just for a brief period of time, but it involves a lifetime of serving Christ.”

He also said, “Disciples are necessarily chosen by Christ to be sent out into his vineyard and one cannot say, I will go there, I will come here but it is up to the Christ whether a disciple will be chosen and sent for doing the work of the kingdom of Christ.” He said, disciples need to surrender their will to Christ and prepare spiritually and holistically for a lifetime of service in the kingdom’s work.

Stating that great sacrifices are demanded by Christ for his kingdom, the former principal said, “total renunciation is required for disciples because disciples are admonished by the master to leave everything and follow him, which involves giving of own talents, time and lives and wealth.”

He also said that for disciples, the priorities are the Kingdom’s work where first comes the kingdom and secondly, families, friends, children and spouses.

Meanwhile, a moment of silence was observed for the departed souls who have given their service at MTBA Youth department. The jubilee souvenir was released by Rev Luin Jamir, former pastor MTBA and certificates were also given to the past and present leaders of MTBA youth department.

A special prayer for the youth was tendered by Rev Ponen Longchar, pastor MTBA and greeting message was pronounced by Kumlong Baptist Arogo pastor. Special colours were added to the programme by the Jubilee Choir and special number from Arsashi and friends.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Jun 27, 2016 12:43:37 am