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MSU Mokokchung unit celebrates platinum jubilee

By Imrongkumba Aier Updated: Oct 24, 2023 8:06 pm
Imkong L Imchen addressing the members of Mangmetong Students’ Union Mokokchung during the platinum jubilee in Mokokchung town on October 24.

MOKOKCHUNG — The Mangmetong Students’ Union Mokokchung (MSUM) celebrated its platinum jubilee (1948-2023) on Tuesday at Mokokchung town hall on the theme “Tsüngchi Shisaluyimer” (Authentic student).

Advisor of Information and Public Relations, Soil and Water Conservation, Imkong L Imchen, was the guest of honour and Imnazulu, associate pastor of Kohima Ao Baptist Church, was the main speaker.

Speaking on the occasion, Imchen said that many ‘nokinketer’ (warriors) were born from Mangmetong village and defended the village from adversaries during the era of head hunting. He, however, admitted that Mangmetong is weak in diplomacy since time immemorial.

He stated that the people today are living peacefully because of the forefathers’ courage and wisdom, who have settled down and formed the village with abundance of land and water. In this connection, he challenged the students stating that it is now their responsibility to produce honey from the land safeguarded by the ancestors through their blood and sweat.

He further challenged the student community “to be smart and courageous; never be afraid to speak the truth and hardworking,” adding that “God help and bless hard labour.”

Pointing out at the stiff competitive world, he advised the students to go back to the basic, which is ‘education,’ saying that backdoor appointments are closed with the implementation of NSSB.

The guest of honour also released the platinum jubilee souvenir at the event.

The main speaker, Imnazulu, spoke on the jubilee theme “Authentic student.” He stated that through education, individuals or anyone should get their perspective right in attitude and not belief in a world with plenty of opportunities.

He further stated that the society, at this juncture, needs an authentic individual, who can lead with integrity and speak the truth.

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By Imrongkumba Aier Updated: Oct 24, 2023 8:06:59 pm
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