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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Move to physically divide Naga family unacceptable, says Yung Aung-led NSCN (K)

By EMN Updated: Feb 03, 2024 10:05 pm
Building fence along ‘imposed’ border will only invite provocation and complicate the Naga issue

DIMAPUR — The Yung Aung-led NSCN (K) has condemned the government of India’s recent decision to build fence on the “imposed” Indo-Myanmar boundary, terming it as another attempt to justify and legalise its “illegal occupation of the Naga country”, and that Nagas will not allow anyone to restrict their free movement.

In a press statement issued on Saturday, the MIP of NSCN/GPRN (YA) said that “this move to physically divide the Naga family on the pretext of security and drugs control is not only absurd and unacceptable, but also undermines the Naga people’s struggle to sovereignty”.

“India’s petty politics cannot deceive the International community of its illegal occupation and atrocities in the Naga country and the whole Wesea region,” read the press statement.

“Despite Indian Home Minister Amit Shah’s feverish imagination, Nagas on both sides of the imposed border will not simply stand by and allow this separation fence to violate our rights and threaten our future and ways of lives. This fence will not serve any purpose but will only invite provocation and further complicate the Naga issue,” it added.

Mentioning that it had condemned India’s alleged policy to divide Nagas based on the present border, the group said it is against the “illegal occupation” by India and Myanmar as well as “their discriminatory laws and divisive policies”.

On the Free Movement Regime (FMR), it said that as free people, Nagas have not sought “permission from anyone to travel within our country”.

“Nagas have never asked for the so-called Free Movement Regime (FMR) in the first place. Such laws which can be easily implemented or scrapped at will is meaningless for Nagas,” it said, adding that “our people will not allow anyone to dictate their ability to commute freely”.

The NSCN/GPRN (YA) claimed that India’s repressive move of restricting free movement by setting up hundreds of checkpoints across Naga areas, has caused trauma and insecurity among the people for decades. “Every action taken by India crosses the redline and any of this action will not go unchallenged,” he added.

Meanwhile, the group thanked the Nagas for unitedly voicing against the “symbol of occupation”, terming it as motivating.

By EMN Updated: Feb 03, 2024 10:05:15 pm
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