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Fr. Sebastian


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he word motivation comes from the Latin word “movere” which means to move. Motivation is something that is within you that makes you to move or to act. It is a driving force within you that impels you to do something. It is in other words a strong desire to do something with total dedication and commitment with energy and determination. It creates in you a solid work appetite with tenacity and determination. Motivation provides an incentive and stimulation to do a work. The motive is the mainspring of action.
A person who is engaged in a work without motivation is like a watch without the mainspring. He or she will not put in 10% of their capacity towards their job. It is imperative that both the employers and the employees are well motivated and their capacity is fully utilised towards the work they are engaged in. In order to create motivation the goals and objectives must be clear and those engaged must have the proper aptitude. If the goal is worthy and desirable, you can easily garner better dedication and enthusiasm. Through motivation you have to create enthusiasm in the group. Enthusiasm acts like a fuel in the car or the mainspring in a watch.
Every individual is a reservoir of untapped intelligence and commitment. Those who are able to unlock this reservoir and draw from its immense wealth will become a great success. Motivation is not something that is fixed at birth. Once you have selected either by free choice or through force of circumstances your work or profession the next best thing for you to do is to develop or create motivation for the same.
When you get immersed in the task and move according to the flow, you will certainly get interested in the task and improve your motivation. Another method is to create a “do or die” situation that everyone is bound to put in his best performance. If you sent out a football team and promise a great reward if they bring back the trophy, the players are compelled to put up their best fight. If an army is sent out to capture a foreign land and as soon as they reach the shores of the enemy, and the boats they used to travel are immediately destroyed, the army has to put up a “do or die” battle.
There are moments in your struggle towards the goal, in which you feel let down, punctured and enthusiasm brought to the lowest ebb. At these moments recall to your mind your victories and achievements of the past and feel good that you are not as bad as you think. It will awaken your enthusiasm and energy. Another way of rewinding yourself is by rewarding yourself occasionally when you have successfully completed a section of your work or fully completed a project.

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