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Mother’s Day: A day for superwomen

By EMN Updated: May 10, 2014 11:31 pm

S Henlly Phom

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he market is filled with active shoppers thronging stores which are equally stacked with items to attract the intrepid shopper on Mother’s Day .Unlike the other days where women especially mothers are seen running looking and searching for the needs of her family bargaining under the scorching sun without any complaints, the market scene is different today with young boys and girls and men crowding the market leaving the excited shopkeepers wanting for more customers.
The manners through which customers are seen purchasing leaves one without wondering that it is for their mother and wife for the special day-Mothers day.Mother’s day which falls on the second Sunday of May every year is a day where no words or appreciation can match the respect and love that she commands for the immense sentiments that she brings in us.
Eastern Mirror caught up with busy shoppers who shared that life without a mother would be upside down. A shopper also questioned if we ever thought of the unconditional and noble love that a mother gives so effortlessly. A rather amusing anectode played out at a cosmetic store. A man looking for lipstick for his wife was whole heartedly engaged as the salesgirl tried to convince him of good luck the lipstick would bring him. The man somewhat convinced was happily asking for the gift to be wrapped.
In yet another touching encounters, a man in conversation with Eastern Mirror eagerly shares that he would not miss the day to bring a smile on his wife’s face mainly because they had recently become a family once again after living separately for more than 5 years. Their only child also elatedly expresses her joy of celebrating Mothers Day together with both her parent after these many years and says that this will be a surprise for her ‘Ama’ that she calls.
Together with shoppers, the shopkeepers are equally elated with the amount of customers they are receiving wishing everyday to be Mothers Day.
Sanjay an owner of Handloom shop located at Hongkong market narrates that he had been receiving not only customers buying single piece but have been receiving bulk orders which he says has made his day.
Another Tibetan shop owner agrees that business has been doing well for the past few days on account of Mothers Day. Other than the normal shops, showrooms have been offering discounts attracting customers
A man talking to Eastern Mirror candidly shares that though he cannot take his wife and family out for lunch or dinner, he would make it a point to cook for the day which will be a treat for his wife. Another man adds that every year he does not miss to cook at least on the day of Mothers Day.
A group of young lads who seemed to be confused with their choice coyly narrates that no person can multitask like mothers do and when nothing seems to be done on time, each time wish that your mother would come into sight and fix everything for you. “Life without her is unworkable and life away from her is tough and you don’t realise it till the time you face the crazy world without her” says a group of hostellers who are on a day out to shop for their mothers.
A smile from a mother is worth enough and if you’ve been taking no notice of your mother for other problems, this Mother’s Day make it up to her and make her feel important and loved. It is her day which she deserves, make her feel like one.

By EMN Updated: May 10, 2014 11:31:57 pm