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Mother Teresa – An Aggressive Catholic Missionary

By EMN Updated: Feb 28, 2015 9:44 pm

Jagdamba Mall

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]other Teresa was at the top among first few high-ranking Christian missionaries who expressed their anguish in the long letters addressed to Morarji Desai – then Prime Minister and to the President of Bharatvarsh against Freedom of Religion Bill introduced in Parliament by Om Prakash Tyagi in 1978. She also wrote letters against Freedom of Religion Bill 1978 introduced in Arunachal Assembly by Shri Gegong Apang – then Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh. Because of this bill, no Christian missionary was allowed to enter into Arunachal Pradesh. With a view to defy this rule and display the rabid missionary might, Mother Teresa accompanied with Bishop of Dibrugarh and a host of other lady and gent missionaries tried to sneak into the state but she was stopped by the police as per the State Government’s order. She felt insulted and humiliated.She was furious and rushed to Delhi to complain to Prime Minister Morarji Desai against State Government of Arunachal Pradesh. She was vomiting fire against those responsible for the introduction of Freedom of Religion Bill and against those who blocked her entry into Arunachal Pradesh. Morarji Desai reportedly asked the purpose of her visit to sensitive state – Arunachal Pradesh which China wants to swallow. She was offended further because she did not expect Prime Minister to question the integrity of a missionary of her fame who had “sacrificed” her life in the service of Biblical sheep – the victims whom the missionaries hanker to harvest, whom the missionaries yearn to trap. On hearing Mother Teresa for long, Morarji Desai said – “When Arunachal Pradesh does not want your services, why are you insisting?” To this, the so called Mother said –“People of Arunachal Pradesh cannot be left orphan, they cannot be deprived of God’s message (Christianity). They cannot be deprived off our services.” To this, Morarji Desai said – “Service and Conversion cannot go together. If people of Arunachal Pradesh do not want your services you should not insist”. The “annoyed” Mother left PMO in disgust and wrote an open letter to Morarji Desai which reads – “No man, no law, no Government has the right to prevent me nor force me nor anyone if I choose to embrace the religion that gives me peace, joy, love.” She had mentioned in that letter that she was told that Gandhiji had said – “If Christians would live their lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ there would be no Hindu left in India”. She ridiculed Hindu Dharma and said – “You cannot give what you do not have”.

She said, “This new move that is being brought in Parliament under the cover of Freedom of Religion Bill is false. There is no freedom if a person is not free to choose according to his or her conscience. Our people of Arunachal Pradesh are so much disturbed. All these years our people have lived together in peace. Now religion is used as a deadly weapon to destroy the love they had for each other, just because some are Christians, some are Hindus and some are Tribals. Are you not afraid of God? Who are we to prevent our people to find this God who made them – who loves them to whom they have to return?” The so called Mother did not stop here. She was not humble in her submission. Rather, she was commanding Prime Minister. She wrote – “Mr. Desai, you are so close to meeting God face to face. (It means you have become old). I wonder what answer you will give for allowing the destruction of life of innocent unborn child and destroying the freedom to serve God (means winning over the vulnerable poor people to Christianity) according to one’s choice and belief. After the hour of death I believe we will be judged according to the words of Jesus”. She said further – “Turning to another sad point I wish to inform you that I have been trying to get into Arunachal Pradesh for some time now but so far I have not succeeded and yet RamKrishna Mission members are entering freely. We are in 87 places in India. Why are we not with our poor in Arunachal?” Morarji Bhai wrote back – “If Charity and Philanthropy are not connected with any ulterior motive, they are beneficial. But Charity and Conversion cannot go together. Religion prospers only when Charity and philanthropy are undertaken without any motive”. Morarji Bhai wrote further – “The bill you have mentioned does not affect adversely the propagation of religion. In fact, the bill is an attempt to see that the poor and illiterate may enjoy religious freedom without fear. We have to be particularly vigilant about the Scheduled Tribes whose protection is not only guaranteed by the laws of the land but is also enshrined in the constitution. It is our duty to preserve every aspect of their way of life along with their religion and ways of worship. No group belonging to any creed should interfere with their religion and rituals. Other organisations are also engaged in the philanthropic work which you claim. But the work can be helpful only when it is done without any ulterior motive. It is my opinion that you should revise your attitude to O.P. Tyagi’s Bill in the light of what I have stated”. The Bishop of Dibrugarh reportedlystated, “We need not enter into Arunachal Pradesh to serve our sheep. We shall serve our people in Arunachal Pradesh by working in bordering areas in Assam.” Thereafter, Church concentrated their activity in the Assam areasbordering Arunachal Pradesh. Today two Bishops – one at Miao in extreme east and the other at Itanagar, are all out for high yield of harvest. The Changlong and Tirap districts of the state adjoining Nagaland have become harbour and harbinger of NSCN¬-IM and NSCN-K – the two Christian terrorist organisations from Nagaland and the conversion is undertaken at gun point.
In fact there was nothing noble about the Nobel awarded to Mother Teresa. It was awarded to her with a sole aim of pushing conversion crusade spearheaded by the so called “Mother”. During early 1978 till 1980, Mother Teresa moved freely even in Nagaland and Mizoram where the Church sponsored terrorism was at its peak. The Christian Missionaries and their masked supporters in and outside Parliament and state assemblies of Nagaland and Mizoram are required to be unclothed and exposed. They are a potent promoter of danger to peace, prosperity, unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country. RSS Chief Shri Mohan Bhagwatji has rendered a valuable service to the nation by exposing Mother Teresa who acted as an umbrella to conspiracies hatched by the Church. The service projects, hospitals and missionary schools are conversion carriers and breeding centres of Church sponsored Christian terrorism. Not only that, the Church acts as shelter place to terrorists in the places like Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and other Christian dominated packets of North-East Bharat. The Church also acts as a Coordinating Agency between various terrorist groups and subversive organisations. Let there be a high level Enquiry Committee to report about anti-national activities of Church at national level. Sooner the better.

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