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Mother of two, Anjali debuts at amateur MMA

By EMN Updated: Apr 30, 2017 11:33 pm

Kohima, April 30 (EMN): Anjali Gupta, a mother of two daughters made her amateur mixed martial art debut at Yoddha Fighting Championship, Kohima that concluded on Saturday evening; she fought against Swapna Barua in featherweight category (54-57kg) in an exhibition match representing Team Genesis, Mysore and won the match by TKO (knockout) in 1 minute 29 seconds in round 2.
She also won a gold medal at the national kickboxing championship which was held in Patna, Bihar in December last year.
Talking to Eastern Mirror, Gupta says she loves the energy from the crowd in Kohima and as the crowd went wild, she got motivated and that kept her moving on to gain momentum in the match.
“Nagaland is the land of passion”, and said that the people should continue the passion in whatever field they are in and not feel that they belong in a box.
On being asked why she chose MMA, she said ‘to break free from other barriers. I wanna show an example to my daughter’s that it is doable. People will say anything no matter what you do. Why not do something that makes you happy’.
She also worked in a company known as Wifil Pronics, and being a mother, she says “I cook for them, make them breakfast and run to the gym thereafter.”
Being training for two and a half year, she says ‘MMA chose me’. As there were not enough athletes (women) in MMA India, it became a mission for her to show the others to overcome the stereotypes. She mentioned that MMA association and the colleagues were supportive.
A friend of her introduced her to MMA in Mysore that was about to start a new academy. Despite being the only lady, she manages to train with the other people and mentioned that her coach in the academy led the foundation.
She said her parents were very supportive and even her kids encourage her and that even her kids remind her about her practices.
Asked if she would encourage the Naga women to join the MMA, she said “You don’t have to go for a fight but learn the basic things like how to defend and protect yourself. If fighting interests you, then you can try MMA as well.”
“Be passionate about what you do in life. Go out and do something different. Break free yourself, and do whatever you have the desire to do. I am a woman who can stand and fight for myself.”
Her 11-year-old daughter will be taking part in Indian National Karate Championship in May representing Mysore.

By EMN Updated: Apr 30, 2017 11:33:21 pm