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Most victims of domestic violence suffer in silence, says activist

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Mar 08, 2021 10:13 pm
K Ela speaking during the programme in Dimapur on Monday.

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Dimapur, March 8 (EMN):
Many women who stay at home and look after the family are often silent victims of domestic violence, said K Ela, Director of Prodigals’ Home, Dimapur, while sharing about the realities of women in the society according to her experience as a social worker.

She was speaking during the celebration of International Women’s day, organised by the North East postal region-II, at Dimapur on Monday.

“Almost every day we talk with victims and we hear about how women are victimised in their own homes. And if women are victimised in their own homes which is to be considered the safest place for women, then we cannot think of our society outside as a safe place for women,” she stated.

She further appealed to not let any women be a victim of violence, and if they come across any such cases, they should dial helpline number 181.

“Domestic violence does not know status, education and class. Many of us think that there is domestic violence only in the lower class of the society, there are women from the most elite class family who suffer from domestic violence but unable to speak out due to shame,” she added.

She also asked the men to be ambassadors of women empowerment adding that women cannot stand alone; ‘we need men to stand with us’, she said.

Ela further shared that not only men but there are also women who suffer from drugs and alcohol addiction. She also stated that if the man is a drug and alcohol addict, the woman suffers the most because she is the first care giver.

She also stressed on girls education stating that without education, empowering women to leadership was not possible.

“When our girls get education, they will naturally become empowered and become leaders in our society.

“Let the girl child be educated so that the children gets an educated mother and bring up again more educated children for our society,” she said.
She directed the gathering to dial the child helpline number 1098 if any girl child was found in distress and who needed help.

She also encouraged the women to stand for each other as sisters and not discriminate based on any differences. She reminded that women are given the strength of endurance, and though women are weaker than men in many senses, there are many women who stand up every time after falling down and never give up. To be a woman in this modern time society, it is not easy but is not impossible, she added.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Mar 08, 2021 10:13:54 pm