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More condemn June 5 incident

By EMN Updated: Jun 08, 2019 1:25 am

TPO: Tenyimi People’s Organisation (TPO) has vehemently condemned the shooting incident at the houses of Abu Metha, secretary general of NDPP in Sovima village and Rusemtong Longkumer, PRO to Chief Minister at Daragopathar village on the night of June 6 by unidentified gunmen.

TPO president, Timikha Koza, and the general secretary, Vipopal Kintso, have implored upon the law enforcing agencies to get to the bottom of the matter and apprehend the miscreants at the earliest.

CAKU: Chakhro Angami Kuda Union (CAKU) has vehemently condemned the indiscriminate firing by some unidentified miscreants at the residence of Abu Metha on the night of June 5 who is also the secretary general of NDPP. CAKU, in a press release issued by its general secretary, Thejangulie Angami, has termed the act “cowardly’ and an attempt on the life of innocent citizens.

The union has appealed the law enforcing agency to leave no stone unturned till the culprit is brought to booked and award befitting punishment as per the provisions of law.

APO: Angami Public Organisation (APO) has vehemently condemned the firing incident on the night of June 5 in Sovima village, which was targeted at the residences of Abu Metha and Zeneituo Yano.

APO president, Dr. Kepelhusie Terhuja, and the information secretary, Neithono Sothu, stated that such cowardly act had not only intimidated the families and the neighbourhood but has also created a fear psychosis amongst the peace loving citizens of the state.

It expressed regret that such dastardly act had taken place at a time when all the churches, Naga civil societies, NGOs and individuals are working towards peace, tranquillity and development.

“We have seen that gun culture has not led us anywhere till now and will not lead us anywhere in future too. Hence, Nagas should shun this path and move towards peace, growth and development, the statement urged.

APO further urged upon the government and law enforcing agencies to seriously probe into the incident and book the culprits and award befitting punishments as per the law of the land.

CPO Chumoukedima unit: Chümoukedima unit of the Chakhroma Public Organisation (CPO) strongly condemned the dastardly act of firing at the residence of one of our bona-fide member, Abu Metha, on June 5. The union president, Rünavilhou, stated that there is no place for such dastardly act in a civilised society.

It further urged upon the State government to thoroughly investigate and book the culprits and take action according to the provisions of the law.

CYOD: Chiecha Youth Organisation Dimapur (CYOD), while condemning the June 5 incident in Sovima village, stated that such senseless action by mindless miscreant(s) threatening innocent life with arms/weapons are not acceptable in a civilised society. The organisation president, Pfüreilie Rüpreo, and the general secretary, Kevibienuo Keditsu, have urged all right thinking citizens to condemn the incident.

CYOD further urged the investigating agencies to take urgent steps in tracing the culprit(s) at the earliest and punish according to the law of land.

CPO: Chakhroma Public Organisation (CPO), while condemning the June 5 incident in Sovima village, stated that such act of vandalism and terrorism against any law abiding citizens should be condemned by one and all.

CPO president, Vichütuolie Mere, and the general secretary, Zakievisie Kruse, have challenged the perpetrators for open discussion if there was any issue with them on the matter.

While viewing the incident as not less than attempt to murder, CPO appealed the law enforcing agencies to immediately take steps to identify and book the perpetrators.

By EMN Updated: Jun 08, 2019 1:25:17 am