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Mon provides counselling to Covid patients

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Jun 02, 2021 12:05 am

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Dimapur, June 1 (EMN): In view of the evolving Covid-19 situation in Mon district and to help deal with mental health concerns arising from the stressful time, the Mon District Task Force (DTF) has been facilitating counselling services to residents of the district since May 26.

A team consisting of seven members provide counselling services by calling up the positive patients who are under home isolation or admitted in hospital.

Rev. A Peihwang Wangsa, one of the members of the counselling team, informed Eastern Mirror that he has given counselling to around 20 Covid patients till date and currently has five clients.

Wangsa informed that DTF Mon forward the contact numbers of Covid patients to the team and before they were distributed among themselves to keep in touch with the patients and provide counselling.

He informed that the main objective of the programme is to provide comfort through prayers and also to enquire about their well-being. He added that they also send them voice messages of Bible verses and encourage them to be strong and not lose hope.

Wangsa said that they also received feedback from the patients regarding the difficulties they faced; they then discuss their feedback with the medical task force for better understanding and consultation regarding the problem.

He said that the response from the patients was ‘very positive’, adding that they expressed happiness when the members called them to enquire about their situation and well-being. He went on to say that the patients felt happy on knowing that the DTF had concern about their situation when there is ‘no one to share their thoughts and problems’.

The reverend shared that some of the patients informed him that just undergoing home isolation was not enough; ‘they need more information from the Health department regarding the  dos and don’ts as everyone is not aware of the procedures for home isolation’.

He informed that he calls the patients at around 7 or 8 pm in the evening to enquire about their health and pray with them. He added that they would continue the counselling service till the Covid patients are reduced in Mon district.

Women secretary of Konyak Baptist Bumeinok Bangjum (KBBB), Lemya, who is also a member of the counselling team, informed that she has provided help to 12 patients till date, out of which five have recovered.

She said that most of the patients were asymptomatic and were recovering while some patients were awaiting second test result for Covid-19. She added that patients’ response was ‘very good’.

Lemya shared that some patients were delighted when they call as some of them were in “shock stage” because of the positive test result. She added that even non-Christians were happy to know that they were praying for them.

Rev. L Metjen, another counsellor, said that the patients were more than happy to know that district counselling team, who call to enquire about their health, give them a sense of concern from the DTF and building trust and comfort.

Metjen said that they try to comfort the patients through prayers and also give them hope to be strong. He added that they also advise the patients to call them any time if they need help and their messages are forwarded to the medical team for necessary action.

The reverend shared that till date, he has provided counselling to eight patients, out of which four had already recovered. He added that they call the patients on alternate days and ‘everything is going smoothly’ so far.

Meanwhile, Lalit Sharma, a temple pandit in Mon and a member of the team, said that he had not received any calls till date. However, he informed that he prays for all the Covid patients every day.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Jun 02, 2021 12:05:58 am