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Mokokchung resonates with Tsungremmong cheer

By EMN Updated: Aug 02, 2013 12:34 am

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Mokokchung, August 1

Minister for youth resources & sports, Merentoshi speaking at the Tsungrem Mong festival at Chuchuyimpang village on Thursday.(DIPR)TSUNGREMMONG festival is one of the two remaining pre-Christian festivals of the Ao Naga community, began today August 1 in different parts of the state with traditional finery, pomp and gaiety. The celebration is traditionally celebrated before harvest and will continue till August 3.In Chuchuyimpang village, Tsungremmong festival was held with Minister for Youth Resources & Sports Merentoshi as the chief guest. Organized by the Chuchuyimpang Riongsanger Putu Tatar Menden the festival was attended by people from neighboring villagers not only from Ao but from neighboring Chang and Sangtam tribes.
In his address, the minister Toshimeren Jamir urged all to know the essence of the festival and observe it in the true spirit of fostering unity among the people and to promote ‘our culture and identity.’
‘Tsungremmung’ festival is not just a festival but a source of building unity,’ Jamir said and the people must understand the essence of the festival sacredly and with utmost discipline. “Culture is one factor we should also learn to progress with the growing world” cited by Merentoshi R Jamir.
The minister also observed that the need of the hour for the Naga people is unity, ‘not just among the Ao tribes but amongst all tribes.’ He cited ‘reconciliation’ which the minister said would be successful only through unity. He lauded the council of Chuchuyimpang village which he called ‘hardworking, forwarding, adventurous and trust worthy community.’ He thanked the village for its tireless effort for a successful festival.
He also urged the youths to take up various entrepreneurial activities to strengthen the economy of the state. One should examine the rapid growth of entrepreneurship and self-employment and understand that it is the only way to ‘level up,’ he said. He encouraged the youths to focus on aspirations that are different from mere government jobs.
The highlights of the day-long celebration among others were folk dances presented by Longra and Chari, and Amok Lushi cultural club Chuchuyimpang and folk songs presented by the Watsu unit of Chuchuyimpang.
At Longjang village also the festival was celebrated with the Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung Murohu Chotso as the chief guest.
The Tsungrem Mong Festival celebrations in Longsa village, one of the tourist destination villages in Mokokchung district, will be graced by Minister for Tourism EE Pangteang on August 2 as the chief guest.
(With inputs from DIPR)

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