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Mokokchung musicians come together for Kiphire

By Our Correspondent Updated: Sep 06, 2018 8:03 pm

The music community of Mokokchung town under the banner,” Mokokchung sings for Kiphire” will be organising a night of musical display on September 8 at the Town Hall in Mokokchung.

Speaking to Arsashi Ozukum, president of Mokokchung District Musicians Association (MDMA), who is behind the charity concert said, all the proceeds from the show will be handed over to the district administration of Kiphire through proper channel.

The president also highlighted that musicians and artists from outside Mokokchung are voluntarily willingly to come forward to perform at the event.

Arenlong Jamir, Asst. general secretary, MDMA, supplementing about the show added that the concert is a common endeavour of the people of Mokokchung as all the organisation and various student bodies under Mokokchung town are actively assisting the MDMA towards the success of the show.

Meanwhile, Manpai Phom, ADC, lauded the MDMA for their noble endeavour for the victims  affected by natural disasters in Kiphire district.

The ADC said that the people of Kiphire are not only handicapped at the aftermath of the unprecedented natural disasters that crippled the district but the mental trauma they are facing that should be a concern for all. He stated that such shows of solidarity by the people of Mokokchung towards their Kiphire brethren will go a long way in boosting their morale on their path of rebuilding their livelihood.

Manpai also appealed the people of Mokokchung to come forward and show their solidarity for the people of Kiphire district in their time of despair by attending the upcoming charity concert.

Altogether, more than fifteen renowned bands and artists both from Mokokchung town and outside are confirmed to perform at the charity concert.

The concert will be for free and the donations received on the show will go towards the proceeds of Kiphire disaster victims.

Our Correspondent

By Our Correspondent Updated: Sep 06, 2018 8:03:39 pm