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Modi’s visit complements his friend Rio’s campaign

By Mirror Desk Updated: Feb 24, 2018 12:20 am

Along with Nagaland, the eastern areas will be given major importance — Modi

Dimapur, Feb. 23: The con­fidence that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has in the victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party-Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (BJP-NDPP) alliance and his trust in the leader­ship of Neiphiu Rio was clearly exhibited during Modi’s visit to Tuensang in Nagaland.

With various announce­ments and visions for Naga­land that were made in his speech, Modi did not mince words in projecting his con­fidence in the man leading the charge of the NDPP-BJP alliance in the state.

At the start of his speech the prime minister called Rio his friend—”mitron”—and went on to say that the state will be scaling new heights under the leadership of the BJP at the centre and Rio in the state.

“Nagaland’s energetic youth, creative women, in­novative farmers, and the demographic dividends can take the state to new heights. Nagaland also has talent in sports that can give a new identity to the state. As a result of the progress made in the field of educa­tion and health in Nagaland there is room to improve further. To take this forward the government and the BJP along with Shriman Rio, will work day and night to fulfil your dreams for the future.”

In his speech the PM had also openly criticised the Naga People’s Front-led gov­ernment in the state for the instability of the current ten­ure—the cabinet was sworn in four times. He urged the Nagas to elect the Rio-led NDPP-BJP alliance during the elections on Feb. 27 for a stable and strong govern­ment.

Before the visit by Modi, the NDPP-BJP camp, which was at the receiving end of constant religion-based at­tacks, seemed probably up­beat today.

The general secretary of the NDPP Rusemtong Long­kumer talked to Eastern Mir­ror. He gave insights into the Modi’s confidence and the Modi-Rio camaraderie that was being exhibited.

Prime Minister Modi’s trust in your chief ministerial candidate was clearly ex­hibited during his visit to Tuensang. He even referred to Neiphiu Rio as his friend. What are your reactions?

We feel privileged and honoured that the honour­able prime minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, nation­al BJP President Shri Amit Shah, the central BJP etc., have reposed their trust in the leadership of three-time consecutive chief minister Shri Neiphiu Rio, who is the NDPP’s chief ministerial can­didate.

The BJP’s respect towards the Nagas and our ongoing political issue including our unique traditions, culture and identity is what led the BJP to decide to contest in only 20 seats while leaving 40 seats to the NDPP. The BJP has been consistent in its stand vis-a-vis the Nagas and they are committed to our betterment and welfare. Tak­ing these acts into account, we are extremely delighted and we believe that the grand alliance between the NDPP and the BJP will usher in a new era of change in Naga­land that will be marked with transparent governance, sta­bility, people-centric policies to empower the grassroots and protect and promote the overall welfare of our people and the state.

Has it boosted the campaign of the NDPP?

Definitely, yes. Shr i Narendra Modi’s concern for the people of Nagaland should be an eye-opener to one and all. Shri Narendra Modi is a world renowned leader and Forbes has ranked him as number-9 in its list of the world’s most powerful people. His visit to Tuensang, Nagaland, is historic and is a massive boost for the NDPP-BJP grand alliance.

Will Rio come to Dimapur for the last leg of his cam­paign?

Yes, it is in the offing. Shri Neiphiu Rio has been touring as many areas of the state as far as possible. He is expect­ed to campaign in Dimapur district on Friday, February 24th, 2018.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Feb 24, 2018 12:20:44 am